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Found 8 results

  1. Apricot

    Radford Family

    Sorry if this is the wrong place. Im sure I've seen the Radford Family discussed on here before. The Radford Family (some people have called them the UK Duggars which is kind of insulting because they actually seem quite a nice family) are expecting their 19th child in July. http://www.theradfordfamily.co.uk/news-share/
  2. Apparently there's some big goings on now. news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/speculation-rife-of-prince-philips-death-despite-duke-pictured-in-good-health-yesterday/news-story/a14395facc4cb671b73a905c131e4cdc Nothing on the BBC yet about the meeting. A CTV reported said the Queen and Philip are still with us. God save the Queen and the Duke.
  3. I came across this video on the Speaker of the UK's House of Commons; I got to thinking I would not be a very good speaker. Namely because I imagine telling people to shut the fuck up and throwing things at them would not go over all that well with the MPs. Plus I would insist on having a big ass gavel that I could pound.
  4. Just when VF has imploded, and Bill Gothard might find himself being asked some uncomfortable questions by a prosecutor, Thomas S. Monson, President of the COJCOLDS, has been issued a court summons to answer to allegations of fraud in the UK. Tom Phillips, an ex-Mormon who climbed to quite a high rank in the Mormon church in the UK including attaining the second anointing, has filed a case alleging that, as head of the corporation that is the COJCOLDS, Monson made false and misleading claims to ensure financial gain. It seems quite complicated, especially as I have no real knowledge of UK law, but it's seems like it might be worth a watch. mormonthink.com/ Here's the wiki entry outlining the UK Fraud Act 2006. There's more coverage here: mormondisclosures.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/media-blitzed-monson-summoned-to-court.html As well as threads on the various and assorted ex and New Order Mormon boards. Apparently, Tom Phillips's blog was hacked and he was forced to publish before he was quite ready. It was intended to be published as a scoop by mainstream media, but he's missed out on that one. So far only USA Today has covered it, I wonder if anyone else will pick it up.
  5. tehfanglyfish

    Quiverfull in the UK

    Here's an interesting read from the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22526252 (not breaking the link because it's the BBC). There's also a link at the bottom for a podcast airing tomorrow called "The Womb as a Weapon."
  6. samurai_sarah

    Snog, Marry, Avoid (UK)

    For those not in the know, it's a "make-under" show. Basically, they take people "addicted to fakery", literally dress them down and provide "natural" make-up. I used to be a fan, but beyond the first season, I started being conflicted. Basically, I like the idea of showing people that they do look good without make-up. Make-up is practically non-existent in my life, and I enjoy the idea of other people not caring either. But that's where my problem with this show starts. Granted that on camera you look odd without make-up, but they only show men and women how to put on more natural make-up. It plays into the segment they have, in which the Great British public decides whether they'd "snog, marry, avoid" that person "before" and "after". That rubs me completely the wrong way. Usually participants get a major "avoid" in their chosen looks, and get "snog" or "marry" in their new "natural" looks. Public shaming for expressing oneself however one chooses, really pisses me off. I personally don't think purple hair is all that attractive, but if that's your deal, you sure as hell don't need my approval. In my books that's just policing other people's bodies, and I'm not cool with that. As I said, I'm a conflicted about this show, because yes, I'm a big fan of going au naturel. But no, I would never tell anyone else what to wear. And no, why the hell does the "public" get to decide what's best for other people in terms of their attractiveness? Not to mention that it usually reinforces gender-roles, in terms of attire. I still do like watching though. But in any case...thoughts?
  7. OkToBeTakei

    Quiverfull UK

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/wo ... amily.html I have no idea if this has been posted before. Something somebody wrote in another thread about the UK made me google. Pound to a penny they have a blog? Anybody know? The comments are funny. The first comment if true is very telling.
  8. New TV series on Channel 4 in the UK: www.channel4.com/programmes/15-kids-and ... /episode-1 The first programme meets two couples who can't stop having babies, and asks why not. Noel and Sue Radford from Morecambe in Lancashire have 14 kids and are expecting baby number 15. Sue has spent half of her adult life pregnant and over the last 17 years has had a baby nearly every year. Thirty-six-year-old Sue loves everything about babies and is happy to keep adding to her massive family. Tania and Mike Sullivan from Kent have nine children between them and Tania is now expecting twins. As strict Catholics, the Sullivans believe that children are a blessing from God and contraception is wrong. They feel the number of kids they have is not down to them. Pregnancy for Tania doesn't come easy and over the years she has had eight miscarriages. Due to her age and medical history, and because she has had so many children, her pregnancy is considered high risk. This programme follows the highs and lows of life in both super-sized families, including a family holiday for 16 and a look at how feeding everyone is like running your own canteen. Finally, the show witnesses the arrival of yet more additions to these mega broods.
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