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Quiverfull video


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A friend of mine on Facebook posted this today. She herself is not fundie, but she is a fundie leghumper, and regularly posts Duggar-related and pro-life type items. Anyways, after watching this little gem, I was tempted to send Zsu Anderson's blog her way, but thought better of it. Don't want to send poor ignorant souls down the wrong path. :?


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That was entertaining and in good taste. I am inspired...here's my version:

:banana-dance: On the twelfth day of Christmas some fundies said to me

-The rapture is coming

-I am a helpmeet

-There's a gift I want to give you

-Hell is full of sinners

-Abortion is immoral

-Have some homemade muffins

-What energetic children

-Where is your husband?

-There's something I must share

-The bible is life's rulebook

-That's an interesting outfit

-You owe everything to Jesus, repent!

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That family is a far right, homeschooling blah blah whole kit and kaboodle type deal, and the father is the director of Personhood Ohio as well as the founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians. Not my cup of tea, even though I did think that video was cute.

Edit: While the name of the family is in the description of the video, they also have it up on their blog and are advertising that it went viral, so I don't feel like I am inappropriately outing anybody? If anyone disagrees let me know.

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That made me less annoyed than usual (IMO the whole family being paraded around like an acting troupe generally comes across as belonging in a circus). The song was clever. I've got to say, though, that only the Von Trapp family can really pull the family performance thing off.

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