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I am lost, I am sure that this is so simple but I am just not getting it.


Cast on 32 stitches...sounds good....work in stocking stitch for three inches....easy enough...finishing at the end of a purl row...sure.


Now for the part I am lost on



Next row K.4, (inc. in next st., K.3) 6 times, inc. in next st, K. to end (39 sts).


So I knit 4 stitches and increase in the 5th, knit 3 stitches. I do this 6 times, and then increase again. There should be a total of 7 increases in this one row?


I think I have it, but man I feel dump. I blame the gastro that has plagued our house this weekend.

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Bwahhaha, I said Dump instead of dumb. But yeah, there was lots of dumps this weekend. Oh my.

So I wrote out the instructions out by hand, and it hit me how to do this. Wow, that was silly.

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