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    • Destiny

      Maintenance coming   03/28/2017

      On Thursday, April 6th, at 10PM eastern, I will be updating FJs software. We expect around 2h of downtime.  Luna will probably help as well.



  1. Quiver Full of Snark

    Intelligent discussion about controversial topics, primarily extremists and religious fundamentalists, and the negative impact they have on our society.

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    New to Free Jinger? Confused about all those weird acronyms we use? Can't find the answer to your question using the search? This is the place for you! Stop in and introduce yourself, tell us how you found us, ask your newbie questions without fear of looking silly.

    This is NOT a mandatory place for new posters, you are welcome to post in any forum you have access to. This is just a place to dip your toe in the pond before jumping in the deep end :)

    Long time posters are welcome here, too! Please be aware that questions may be very repetitive or about things that have been covered on QFS eleventy bazillion times. If that kind of thing bothers you, you may not want to peek inside ;)

    This is also the new home of the FJ Reference Library, a list of blogs and websites we sometimes discuss as well as a list of FJers' personal blogs.

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