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Jehovah Witnesses and pamphlet choices


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My partner told me to take off my "tinfoil hat" ;) , but....


A few days ago, we were leaving our neighborhood when we noticed a group of four women walking around door to door, who we realized were Jehovah's Witnesses. I know they are in the neighborhood regularly, as I've seen the Watchtower in the waiting area of the train station many times, but had never seen them in person. Later in the day, he called me and said that they had come by our place in the early afternoon (he works from home) and dropped off a pamphlet on stepfamilies.


Well, this creeped me out a bit because we are the only "stepfamily" (of sorts - not legally married) on our street. Did they know somehow? Or is it a coincidence? What do you think?

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I wouldn't be too freaked out and am betting it was just a coincidence.

Jehovah's Witness have two different pamphlets they pass out Awake (which is more general interest on modern issues such as How to keep your kids safe on the internet, Food contamination, etc. ) and the Watchtower which is based on their interpretation of the bible.

Step-families are quite common in most areas and that was probably the brochure they were handing out that day.

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