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3 hours ago, Fascinated said:

That second commenter is a selfish bitch. She expects ‘older’ women to stay home so that she won’t be all lonely and floundering?  And she literally blames older women for ‘not making themselves availble’ to her.   And how horrific that an older woman should be fit and stylish. We are supposed to ‘own our later years and be sweet and wonderful grandmothers’. Honestly. Fuck her.  She needs to grow up and understand she is not the special little snowflake she thinks she is. Lori is attracting the worst of humankind. I can’t take this anymore. This stuff is so damaging.  I can’t believe there are so many women who believe this shit. Oh my god. 

I thought the same thing about the second commenter. It's like she basically expects older women to devote themselves to mentoring younger women 24/7. I have several older female relatives and family friends that I look up and have turned to for advice at times. But, I know they aren't available 24/7 and the second commenter doesn't consider the fact that some older women may have valid reasons to re-enter the workforce. Also, some women in their 50s-70s may be taking care of sick parents or relatives. My mom is 68 and one of her friends who is 70 is helping take care of 90 something father who has dementia and is mostly bed bound. I have a neighbor who is in her early 60s and helps take care of her sister who is disabled due to Parkinsons.

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After the flu rolled right into pneumonia, yesterday was the first time I felt well enough to do dishes in a week. Good thing, too- our water and electric bills will be atrocious next month. (I love Mr. Bonkers, but that man would run the dishwasher for a cup and spoon!)

That said, Lori's "meme" is ridiculous. Not only is it perpetuating the sterotype that men are incapable of romantic gestures (or broadstroking all men into "get back in the kitchen, woman" misogynists), it's saying that neither of those things are wrong. 

Look, I've never come home to roses and candles, but Mr. B will randomly put on music that reminds him of us and we will dance around the living room. I think he's pretty romantic. 

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Waffle Time

Seriously what is it with people expecting the grandmas to just wait on them hand and foot? Okay I'm 25 and have no children but I'm pretty independent. I don't expect my mom to help me out a ton. Why? Because she's spent 33 years dealing with children and helping raise her own grandchildren in the past. She's done her job. Her and my dad deserve a rest. Maybe don't have 8 children? 

Now should I ever have children would I like her help? Yes, because I know nothing about babies but it's my job to be responsible with my own crap. However, at this point I settle with the occasional call to my mom about finances. Oh wait, I forgot women aren't supposed to do financial stuff.*  Sighs*I guess I'll have to tell my dad to stop making his bracelets and doing dishes and go be the manly financial man. 

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Yeah, I think it's like the whole "get into the kitchen and make me a sandwich" bit.  

"You want a romantic bubble bath?  Here's some bubbles....get into the kitchen and do the dishes." 

That kind of thing.  Only Lori and her sheeple would act like giggly girls over it.  

"So funny!  I just love it when my owner/master (looking at you, Trey) treats me like the servant God intended me to be!" 


Of course, the reality is, that when Ken was here he said that he spent Valentine's babysitting Ryan and Erin's kids, while Queen Lori went to bed early.  

Do as she says, not as she does.

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