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Coconut Flan

Where in the World Is Doug Philips (Who Is a Tool)? Part 7

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On 4/4/2018 at 6:37 PM, hoipolloi said:

And then there's Faith's current IG story in which she poses on the lap of a statue of Oscar Wilde, and says "I try to avoid flirting with men, unless it's Oscar Wilde, in which case I can't help myself :my_smile:"


GIRL!!! YOU'RE NOT HIS TYPE!! (And I know it's been a minute since VF was holding lectures about how "sodomy should be criminalized" but you realize that posing with a dude whose sexuality was very much criminalized is not a good look right?)

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Because it's gone now (Insta stories expire after 24 hours), and it was just too extra not to share:




Also, I was a bit shocked to see Peter, Paul and Mary....


Not that I'm snarking, I actually play that on my phone before every plane ride :pb_lol:

Mods, please remove if this violates any rules. It was posted publicly, you have to be logged into Instagram in order to see "stories", but you can see them without being a follower (I'm not) as long as it's a public account.

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Coconut Flan

Carry on here:


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