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Norm Wakefield, anyone?


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Hello fellow freejingerans!

I am in need of some assistance. I have this study that I am sort of obligated to go to and this year they are studying Norm Wakefield's book equipped to love. So far it looks pretty much like crap. If you want something from someone, you are idolizing them. If you idolize them, you are not loving them. You can't ever ask anyone (or GOD!) for anything or else they are your idol. If you have idols you are under the wrath of God. Your confidence before God depends on you developing a habit of loving. Non-christians never truly love. All your relationships are built on lies - if anyone knew who you really were they would never love you.

Anyone know anything about him/Elijah Ministries? Or have you read the book and have some insights?

Sometimes living in a fundie and fundie-lite community is just too much.

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Argh! NOOOOO! :P Speaking of, my friends at a mainstream church are studying Steve and Teri's book about keeping children's hearts. Fundies are taking over the world. Ugh.

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Norm wrote some articles that were critical of the FIC/Botkin/VF model for homeschooling and for raising kids, but then, he shows up at that big CHEC summit meeting that they had in 2009 (at Bill Gothard's facility) with all of the big names in the movement. They were supposed to either write or present a manifesto which ended up looking like some last minute thing that Kevin Swanson threw together which is just more of their same old screed. Norm was in photos with all of them, acting chummy and like he was on board with everything. I can't figure out how he can be adamantly against the core of their message and then be there with them, acting like everything is just super terrific.

Somewhere on some website I have, I reproduced a very good article that the guy wrote on one of my websites once upon a time, but that was long before I knew that he was so chummy with the rest of these super zealots for the extreme.

I don't know about any of his other writings, but he is among those who hang on to homeschooling as a holy rite that is religious unto itself as if homeschooling is an integral part of having faith in Jesus Christ, a mindset that ultimately alienates anyone who doesn't homeschool or have children. Though, I guess to his credit, he is somewhat verbal against some of the far extremes of things. For him, maybe it works, but I fear that these folks end up making homeschooling (as opposed to private Christian or public school) a moral requirement for all Christians everywhere. As most of these types of folks will avoid stating as much, I don't think I've read where Wakefield comes out and ever says this, but it is one of the unspoken rules of the community. And if he was at that CHEC Summit in 2009, participating in the way that the photos of him show, I would not trust him at all.

I don't know that I trust any of these people who make money off of selling their ideas about this stuff anymore.

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