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I keep reading posts about various fundie blogs and what's being written, but don't actually follow the blogs themselves. I've decided to change that so I went to FJs list of blogs and was blown away by how many there are! I can't possibly follow all of them (at least my husband, baby, family, housework, and scrapbooking would rather I not). So I'm wondering what are your favorite blogs to follow? Or which ones tend to post frequently and therefore would be fun to follow? Thanks for the suggestions!

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Kim does have a sense of humor so I read Life in a Shoe. I also think the Seven Sisters are kind of endearing, and Bowl of Moss and Pebbles (a SAHD blog) has pretty artwork. I often check in on some of the other fundie royalty blogs from time to time simply because they reach all new levels of crazy so often.

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You can read about the Lockwood family if you want to see a fragile women try to raise 12 sickly and accident prone children in relative poverty.

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Maxwells for sure. The Sanders are good at updating and have a new pic of the baby(who looks like Noah in that pic)(I am mad at the Mortons for the dixie flag episode but have to keep reading due to Cleve's engagement.

7 sisters, but you can barely make fun of them because they are ,well, go check them out.(ALL seven sisters wear matching frumpers when they go out and headcoverings for the oldest) I have to say they seem very happy and although very religious, the girls are allowed to have friends and do 4H.

I used to like Michelle from Farm( hijibi) and Simple living Alaska, but Michelle finally updated after taking off forever and SLA just posts stupid videos of fundie shit now.

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I think the Seven Sisters are great in comparison to a lot of what we see and so I check their often. They're allowed to decorate their rooms, they have fun and go places. I used to follow Maidens of Worth and Joyfully at Home. I know Maidens of Worth is still up, but I'm not sure about the latter. I also read Domestic Felicity, but lately she's been boring...I read Zsu Zsu. I'm also look looking forward to the other responses on this thread.

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Tip: Subscribe to them in Google Reader. If you use Firefox the Better GReader add-on (with the color option turned on) will help save your eyesight. You can rename a subscription with the fundie's name, for example, so you can see at a glance who has posted anything new. The other advantage to subscribing is even if someone flounces all their previous posts will be preserved in Google Reader.

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For some odd reason my favorite the now invite-only (sniff sniff) Jessica of Le Chad aka meandallthesekids. Too bad she went on lockdown mode.

I read Momof9splace to piss me off, b/c she's so vicious, in a submissive way

And occasionally Szuzana's blog, b/c she's probably the antichrist & i like to keep tabs on those types of people

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I like to follow (because I apparently like to torture myself) Kelly's Generation Cedar and Stacy McDonald's Your Sacred Calling blogs when I find myself not minding the fundies as much as I should. Their blogs always snap me back to reality. I think these 2 women are cut from the same condescending/judgmental cloth as they have similar backgrounds and as such it makes them more unbearable than most.

Stacy is obsessed with Modesty so many of her posts have something to do with that and Kelly... well Kelly is an expert on everything so all of her posts make me want to jump off a building.

Good stuff to snark on!

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I was going through old (as in, a few months old) computer documents the other day, and I came across a list of websites that I use to visit when I was neck-deep in Fundie-Land. I know some of you are looking for new blogs, so I thought I would share. Sorry if some (if not all) are known already:



























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