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Trusted the Wrong Person

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I have to get this out because I’m so pissed. I helped out a “friend” with a loan recently and I should have known better. She was supposed to pay me back last week but put me off and today she told me she didn’t have it any longer and loaned what she owed me to another friend. I will be okay, I never loan what I can’t afford to give, but what hurts is she called me a “selfish bitch” and then “fuck you.” Apparently, I was kind hearted and a lifesaver when I helped her and GAVE to her not expecting repayment but now that I’m asking for a partial repayment  (like we agreed, she was supposed to repay last week) I’m selfish and a bitch. I think I’m more upset with myself for trusting her and I told her she would regret doing this because I won’t help her in the future. She replied with “If that’s how you want to be, cool.” Really?! I should have known better and went with my gut feeling. Why didn’t I listen to myself? 


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I am so sorry.I have been in the same situation.

Now,we are in a similar but very frustrating situation.I let a "friend" rent our old home.In return,we agreed to let them live there,rent free,for one year,in return for her husband doing repairs.I did not charge them a deposit.We still pay a mortgage,taxes and insurance on that home.

Then,after the first year,they began paying rent,and up until December 2016 paid every month.She was constantly a month behind in 2017,but in March of 2018,she caught up with all that she owed us.Then no payment in April,she paid in May for April,then paid May's rent in August.I had told her in 2017 when she was consistently late,and behind that we want to sell the house.She asked if they could buy,I said they could,if they came up with the money.Well,nothing happened,and in addition,she stopped paying rent all together.I told her in October,she needed to find another place....she told me what she thought I wanted to hear,then nothing happened,including still not paying rent.I told her again,in March,then April...no response.So,in May we started the eviction process.She was more concerned with her belongings being put out on the street than anything else.

She asked for a just cause hearing....I have just cause.Then she did not show up.She told me they had found another place,but could not move in until July 6.....the eviction was done in May,we gave her 45 days.She said that wasn't enough time!But she asked if we'd let her stay until the 6th of July....we agreed...trying to be nice.Well,she lied.So,I had to go pay another $40 and restart the eviction process,I can her 10 days.....she very conveniently changed her number,because she figured she could stay rent free  because she thought I wasn't going to come to the house...she just won't answer the door..that's what she does.

So,I contact her sister....because I did not know what else to do.I did not want her daughter to lose her belongings.She asked for another just cause hearing then did not show up again.But she was furious I contacted her sister,she accused me of harassing her,claimed she would get a restraining order against me if I contacted her family,again.I did not know she isn't speaking to her sister.Then she started insulting me....she said I act weak,fragile and stupid to gain sympathy from others,but that I am really strong,smart and capable.She called me childish and immature.She claims that I have screwed her over and owe her money,when actually,it's the other way around.But,being too sensitive,and overthinking everything most of my life,her words hurt.

Then she files an appeal and the judge ruled that she MUST pay,or I can do the 24 hour notice.Also we have to go to court over this,and possibly small claims court over money she says I "owe" her.

The whole situation has stressed me out.She did pay in August ,like she was told.But,something funny happened.I get nervous ,rattled stressed etc.Mr Melon went with me,she handed me an envelope.I hand her a receipt.She's mad at me,says our "friendship " is over etc....Mr Melon counts the money and it was short.He immediately drove to the rental,knocked on the door,her hubby answered...Mr Melon asked for his wife,my so called,now ex friend...she wasn't home...she had to pay the amount agreed upon on that date,or the next day,I could call the magistrate and proceed with the eviction.She texts back and claimed she gave me the wrong envelope,apologized,and said she did not mean to give us the run around.She agreed to pay what short the very next morning,and she did.

I never should have trusted her,rented to her,and given her numerous chances.

And someone I thought was a "friend" wasn't my friend ,at all...once she could no longer take advantage of me.

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