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Did Bill Gothard have a Concentration Camp in Oklahoma City?


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I did not really know much at all about Bill Gothard until I dated an IBLP homeschooler in 2016. I found it odd that she randomly lived in Oklahoma City away from her family for about 6 months, and she never told me why, but that she worked at a motel. I was thinking "Why not work at a motel back home if you love motels so much?" but always wondered if maybe Bill Gothard has some sort of concentration camp that she was sent to in Oklahoma City?

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I know this motel. Almost 2 years ago, I stayed in it. It was acquired by a retired missionary couple, and was dilapidated. Only I and 4 other people in the entire, basically haunted, building. Why? We were there for a wedding and the bride’s family had made friends with the couple that owned it. Apparently it has had many uses over the years for IBLP. Also, I am assuming you are using the exaggerated term “concentration camp” in lieu of “unpaid ministry”?

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Isn't the In the Gap ministry in Oklahoma City? I thought IBLP homeschoolers were sent there to volunteer in that ministry. @formergothardite probably can answer. 

Concentration camp? No. 

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A member of Faithful Word attempting to denigrate IBLP is so deeply hypocritical I barely handle it. Seriously, if you're so concerned about ministries hurting and taking advantage of people, maybe you should re-think your involvement with Steven Anderson. 

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