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Bro Gary Hawkins 7: Asking For Thoughts and Chairs

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Coy Koi
13 minutes ago, Snarkylark said:

Doesn’t Becky have an older daughter? I doubt that she was a young mother AND an RN at 19. I’d bet she’s older than that. 

Yeah, now that I think about it, her oldest daughter must be about 19, so Becky would have had a baby/toddler on 9/11, which I find weird that she didn't mention in her post about 9/11. I was far removed from it, being all the way across the country, but I was still scared (no one knew what was happening at first and whether there were more attacks to come) and my predominate fear was for my child. I would expect most parents felt the same way. A few months before that, we had an earthquake here and it left me shaking and crying, because I had gotten so upset about the idea of my baby being hurt (no one was seriously hurt in this earthquake, thankfully), when I'd been in similar earthquakes before she was born without such a strong emotional reaction. I think most parents get pretty damn emotional about the idea of their kids being hurt at any age, but in the early years it seems to be REALLY intense. So I don't really understand Becky's post not mentioning her child/ren.

But yeah, I think she had to have been older than 19 at the time, probably mid-20s or so.

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It is a good reminder that the people we talk about might be funny, but in reality they are rotten to the core.  

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Becky is listed on FB as a silver ambassador for Plexus and Gary is friends with Jrod.

I don't know what this means, other than the grifting/MLM snakepit is getting smaller.

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