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Farm cotton in a garden?

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Driving through the South (Georgia?) last month, the cotton fields called. It really does look like fluffy cotton balls stuck to a stick! (Since I didn't want to be a 'gleaner' like David, I waited for a clearly harvested field to stop and pick leftovers floating into fences. A woman pulled over and from her truck yelled at me, anyway, though she was saying I should have gone to a field that hadn't been harvested! :shock: )


Two things I want to do with the bolls and seeds:

1) Grow my own plant outside in a very warm, humid area (maybe in a pot).

2) Send it as a project for a nephew in the Fingerlakes region of NY, for him to grow in a arid window or pot.


Has anyone tried growing industrial products at home? Any advice for growing it in two different climates?


How about a science smiley? Maybe wearing safety glasses, or holding glassware?

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Cotton is, as I understand from reading environmental complaints about it, a very labor intensive crop. Nowadays it is grown with a lot of pesticides as well. If you try it, good luck.

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In my area of Arizona, there are many cotton fields. However, I know nothing about the actual farming process for these cotton plants. I know that the harvest season for them is just about over now. Most of the cotton has been baled up and sent to warehousing.

Here's how to grow cotton at home- http://www.cottonacres.com/grow-cotton.html (link not broken because it's a commercial website)

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When my mom was a farm kid growing up in the South, she used to pick cotton during the cotton harvest. It was hard work! One of her brothers later owned the local cotton gin. It stayed open until sometime in the 60s. There just was not enough cotton grown locally for the gin to stay open.

I believe that one of the seed catalogues we get every January has cotton seeds for sale

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Here in my town, they grow it in pots on the sidewalk, but because the town doesn't keep up with it, it's always kind of scraggly-looking. It's really hot here. I'm not sure it would grow in NY at all.

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