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Sister Wives online?


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Due to the unending power outage in my area, I've missed a lot of shows. Does anyone know where I can find full epsiodes of Sister Wives? Specifically, this past week's episode?

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IDK, but you didn't miss anything. It was very bland and boring. One of Christine's daughters, Ysabelle, moved in with Meri because she and Christine don't get along right now. Christine said that her daughter gets along better right now with Meri and said she thought that maybe Ysabelle was from Meri's "pile." Robyn's kids had a fight with some of the other Brown kids, and Robyn whined that she had like 2 or 3 years to make her kids feel like part of the family or they might choose to live with their father. Her son Dayton will be 13 in a few years and that is the age when he can chose the parent with whom he wants to reside. This Sunday's episode looks more interesting from the previews. Hope you will have power back by then!

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