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Priscilla and David 9: Starting Their Own Flipping Business?

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I believe David was referring to Susanna, his wife's sister.

Fuck you, Wallers for throwing family under the bus to push your evil cult and beliefs on others. It tells us how you really feel about family members who have chosen to leave that evil cesspool of a cult and live different lives. Your pretty family reunion pictures are a lie.

I would never, ever do that to my or my husband's family. And if my husband talked about my sister in church or publically like that, he would need a proctologist to remove the many feet that would be up his ass.

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Wine time!

I would have loved to see the reaction of the non-fundie Keller kids when they heard who their brother is courting. 

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18 hours ago, JenniferJuniper said:

I'm always leery of reading much too much into still photos.  I do think Papa Smurf Pearl insisted the girls take off "at least 30 pounds of that gunk" on their faces and stop the harlot-inspired hair torturing which then of course showed off their glowing, youthful prettiness.  I don't doubt the girls enjoyed the break from the home routine and the fresh air, but I don't think we can say for sure they were happy.  

And speaking of photos, I see a lot of posters praising David Waller for having such a good marriage and nice family life.  I have serious doubts.   The Thief of Pecan is all about image and appearances.   We know he was critical of Pris in the early days, and she seemed tortured over her failures.  Yes, I'm sure she's "doing better" after spending years under his tutelage, but I can't see him not being intensely critical of anything that isn't completely perfect in his eyes.  The kids are well-fed, Pris appears to be a good mother, but we don't know what actually is going on behind closed doors.  And he makes me very, very uncomfortable.  

We know he was critical of Pris in the early days? 

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On 7/4/2019 at 11:36 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

I don’t have stats or anything but I think it’s pretty normal for fundie families to have rebels (for example: people who divorce). Think of all the divorces in fundieland over the last few years. Kelly and Bradrick, Katie and Alan Smith, Joseph Darnell and his first wife to name a few. Then there are the rebels who distance themselves from their family. Cynthia Jeub, Alecia Faith Pennington, Karen Shupe are some that have kept some distance from their families. I think it’s more uncommon to have a family like the Arndts. Where they publicly act the part as the perfect fundie family well into adulthood. 

What I think often happens in the former fundieland is one spouse wakes up and realizes what crap it all was but the other one doesn’t — or maybe one never followed it to begin with and thought the other one was with them on the same page only to find not. I think that’s the case with Darnell. And judging by the photos he found someone to replace her who is straight out of a Vision Forum catalog of potential wives circa 2005. 😂 What blows my mind is how it’s all “Hod’s perfect timing” and not that he started a new relationship before he was divorced. ....

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