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Found 18 results

  1. Continued from here: I love this picture from their website. Phillip and Destiny are so expressive:
  2. Continued from here: David and Priscilla are still running even with four children. They've bought another house to remodel. Possibly starting their own flipping enterprise?
  3. scarlettphoenix

    Waller Courting Rumors

    I heard that David was reluctant to court Priscilla, but I don’t know where the rumor comes from. Does anyone know the details? So much snark is appreciated. Obviously. 😝
  4. Carry on from here: Priscilla hasn’t announced another pregnancy, but that’s not enough to derail the speculation train. The three current children, Paul, Davia and Philip, look just like their parents, who look just like each other.
  5. Coconut Flan

    Pris & TFDW 6: The Lookalike Family

    Continued from here: Pris and David look alike and Davia and Philip are so very similar. Will the next kid look like Paul?
  6. Previous thread here: Thread title is a shameless mangling of the name of one of my favorite childhood shows. David and Priscilla are almost done with their house, and it is very blue! They have said that they're going to put a railing on the deck, which is somewhat reassuring, given their in-laws' track record with child safety. They also have apparently only been apart for 25 hours of their marriage, and are a #family. Gotta have that godly hashtag, y'all!
  7. Name inspiration credit to @Palimpsest! Carrying on from here:
  8. WonderingInWA

    Pecan and Priss moving to Texas

    This is the first I've heard of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50vLRWOHzIs
  9. N The Prayer Closet

    Rigid Gender Roles

    http://morningafter.gawker.com/even-fet ... 1660661062 The author of this article is hilarious. I especially love how she notes that Anna has nothing else to be excited for in life other than pregnancy (which of course isn't true but it is the way the women in this family are portrayed) and the comments are great. One commenter lamented gender reveal parties by saying "I saw a guy on the 2/3 train last week having a "gender reveal party" all by himself. Michelle would lose her marbles if she had to witness that.
  10. Ok they are due this month, not sure which day.
  11. AniLand

    David & Priscilla

    I was just reading some stuff on the Family Summaries forum. It looks like David & Priscilla only knew each other as acquaintances, and then went straight into a courtship, with her dad being the go-between?? That's so weird. Edited to say: I was just reading about Mirantha & Matthew Chapman. I really don't know what to say. I've never heard of them before. This is really bothering me, very much.
  12. She looks almost gaunt in the recent photos on David Waller's blog. Btw, does anyone always hear her name as rhyming with "ringer" because of how J'chelle-Bob chose to spell it? And while we're at it, anyone creeped out by how much David and Priscilla look like they're from the same branch of the family tree? (they look like brother and sister). files.davidlovespriscilla.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/29/files/2014/07/davidlovespriscilla0622142053a.jpg
  13. ljohnson2006

    Not Gay David Mentions Gothard

    davidlovespriscilla.com/2013/09/07/vacation/ If only the Duggars could be as open about their following of him as David is. At least he's honest.
  14. For those on the recovering grace facebook a user posted about being caught leaving recovering grace cards at ATI and discussed it with John Duggar and another guy so now at least one Duggar knows there is a way out. The question though is if they will ever take the chance now that they know. So... Someone must have seen me drop a card somewhere this afternoon.. Why you ask? Well because they ratted me out and I got the chance to meet John Duggar and another guy and they proceeded to ask me about what and why I was doing leaving RG cards around the conference. At first I played a little dumb about it.. But then I thought.. What the heck. I'll just engage them a bit. So I talked to these guys and then David Waller? came up and I talked to him.. I told them some of my reasons for the cards. Then I shifted the convo a bit. Then David took me over to talk to Mr Mattix.. Talked to him a while about Russia and all that.. Things were actually going quite well. I should have known better. One of the minions ran and got BG. So he comes over and we sit down at a table and continue our friendly talk about Russia and my job and other non threatening subjects. Then BG says.. So how was your childhood? And I'm thinking... Huh? So I say.. Oh it was good. Pretty normal. Ups and downs. About like any other. Then he started asking about the RG cards. Ha! I have to say when all this started I was quite nervous. But when I was talking to BG I was as clear minded and confident as I could be! It was great! I avoided getting into a war of scripture.. Cause I knew he would win that seeing I was Ill prepared. But I was very frank with him. I kept it to general things. I talked about extreme parents and how his teaching is used against children in damaging ways. That he needs to STRESS that what may be for him may not be for everyone. I gave him examples of several things we discussed so he would know EXACTLY what I was saying. Our talk encompassed many other topics.. Nothing super deep. But I didn't give in to him. I looked him in the eye the whole time. Ha! All that rock music must have been so visible to him. ANYWAYS.. There was a moment when he tried to kinda guilt me a bit.. He talked about when he gave me money as a gift for serving at the mtc. And his point was kinda.. I did this and you come here and do this to me? I acknowledged that I remembered his gifts. But I just let his comment go and I moved on. Well he said that he felt like he owed me more for all the service I had done for the ministry.. I was hoping he'd give me more money. I totally would have taken it too! but he said why don't we go over to the book tables and I'll give you a few books. Oh goodie. More useless paper. So we walk over and he kept talking about things going on in ati.. I think he was going to offer me a job with some new thing he has going. But he got distracted. Lol! He ended up giving me 3 personally inscribed copies of his books. I'm pretty sure two of them are very recent.. So... RG people.. I have things for you if you want them. In all we talked for about an hour and a half or so. I also gave Mr Mattix my thoughts on other things.. All in all it turned out to be a productive day. I did see two rebel looking guys with RG cards.. Maybe they'll find something there. Despite all going as well as it did.. It was 1 on 3. So needless to say.. I'm slightly worn out.
  15. Not that I'm avoiding A level revision, but...I'd swear Jessa and Jinger Duggar are in the picture of Davilla Waller's latest prison ministry? Actually now I look again I think I can see Jana as well, in the back row! I can't figure out how to upload the picture - I think the image is too big. There's a kinda half report on the David/Priscilla blog, but the picture's on the ATI website with some lengthy report. iblp.org/news/god-does-impossible-prison (Does this count as breaking the link? Also please can someone else try and sort the photo ) I should get on with some maths now
  16. Don't know if this website has been mentioned here, but it has a few good "Duggar/Duggar-Related Snark" articles: http://crushable.com/entertainment/anna-duggar-priscilla-waller-pregnant-david-waller-birth-announcement-pro-life-237/
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