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Christian Polygamy

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(Topic emerging from the 'Gender Preference' thread)


Oh dear God... I couldn't resist - I googled 'Christian Polygamy'.


For your edification, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the world of Christian polygamy:


- Christian polygyny: christianpoly.org

- More of the same: christian-polygamy.com

- And yet more: christianpolygamy.info

- A site claiming to be a Christian poly organization: truthbearer.org

- Another site: christianpolygamy.com

- Find your Christian poly mate! lovenotforce.com


And an 'academic' paper on the topic from a Bible Seminary:



There you go! Have fun! :mrgreen:

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Ha, I spent way too much time looking at those kinds of sites as a teenager after I got interested in the FLDS (before it was cool :lol: ; I wrote a paper on polygamy in high school right before the raids in Texas).

The husband of a friend of a friend suddenly decided that "God" was telling him he needed to be polygamous and he started showing all those sites to his wife to get her on board. I never did hear how that turned out.

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Messages from 'God' can be so darn convenient!

I also did a lot of reading on the FLDS. 'Big Love' were my gateway, back in the day. (I loved that show). And I am always really curious how the women in polygamy experience the lifestyle themselves.

Non-Mormon Christian polygamy seems an even more intriguing and odd variation.

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