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RIP Howard Hesseman


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Howard Hesseman has gone to the radio station in the sky


Howard Hesseman, star of WKRP in Cincinnati and Head of the Class, has died. The actor was 81.

Hesseman died Saturday in Los Angeles due to complications from a colon surgery, his longtime manager Robbie Kass confirmed.

“He was a groundbreaking talent and lifelong friend and client whose kindness and generosity was equaled by his influence and admiration to generations of actors and improvisational comedy throughout the world,” Kass wrote in a statement. “He will be sorely missed and always treasured!”

In 1980 and 1981, Hesseman received two Emmy nominations for his work on CBS’ WKRP in Cincinnati as John Caravella, aka DJ Dr. Johnny Fever. The series ran for four seasons between 1978-82, and made the actor a counterculture icon, thanks to the character’s signature sunglasses, physicality and speaking style.

RIP Howard

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First part of this is the lead-up to that scene:



Sorry about the quality of the second clip.

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I loved WKRP in Cincinnati,  including Hessman's character.  I hope his passing was painless.  RIP. 

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