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Knit leg warmers


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I am looking for a stirrup leg warmer pattern. I have found a few on ravelry but I do not want to spend the money to buy the patterns. I look at it like a sock with no heal or toe. Any suggestions on how to construct the no heal part?

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I don't knit, so fair warning. :)  Could you do the leg part, then knit the stirrup part separately and attach it?   Or, if you can find a free pattern for a yoga sock, that might give you some help (yoga socks are sort of socks with no heel or toe, but a wider stirrup part).

I want to crochet some leg warmers, but I can't decide if wool would work okay.  I don't want to use acrylic, it doesn't breathe well.  Cotton isn't itchy, but there's the lack of stretch to deal with.  So I'm guessing wool or wool blend. 


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I did not think to look at yoga sock patterns. Thank you! I hate seaming so I want to make it as a single piece.

I would suggest wool or wool blend for your leg warmers. They will be nice and warm.

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Yep, there are a bunch that can be found on google.

Of if you have a particular sock pattern you want to use for the leg portion, I think you could just take any pattern you like and skip the heel. At the row where you'd turn, instead decide on a width for the stirrup and knit until you have your desired length and then weave the end to the opposite side for seamless join. Then pick up both sides of the legwarmer and stirrup and use your fav stretchy bind off. 

Or, for a stirrup that is not directly center to the leg warmer you could cast off part of the side and back of the sock, leaving about an inch or so of the front of the sock on the needle, then cast on enough stitches to connect back to the start of the row, and then keep knitting for another another inch or so in length. The result would be a tube with a slit/hole near one end (like tube style finger-less mittens). 

I hope that make sense. I knit, but can't read patterns (I make it up as a go, sticking to relatively easy things that like toys, hats, socks), so I'm probably explaining that badly. 

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