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Found 33 results

  1. Continued from here: Elaborate proposal, both of the couple happy, and an expected short engagement. What more can we ask of a Duggar? It's better than most.
  2. They look excited. She has a nursing license. She might wear pants. Timeline may be being fudged. It's ridiculous for the Duggars to set rules on a 28 YEAR OLD MAN. So it's pretty much your average Duggar courtship! I googled "rapture jokes", but evidently the Rapture is SUPER SERIAL and not a thing to joke about. Whatever, it's not the end of the world. (that was the best joke I found, and I am SO SORRY) Continued from:
  3. Coconut Flan

    Duggar Aviation Part 3

    Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=23078 Part 2: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24127-duggar-aviation-part-2/?page=1
  4. The day has come! JD is courting! https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/counting-on-star-john-david-duggar-is-courting-abbie-grace-burnett/ I know the Burnetts are followed by FJ but don’t know much about them.. does any one know how many sibling there are and stuff about them? The article says Abbie is 26 I super happy for JD honestly!
  5. VeryNikeSeamstress

    JD Courting?

    www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2017/08/john-david-duggar-involved-in-a-secret-courtship-exclusive/ Rumour has it that he's spending lots of time in Texas. Which fundie families are we aware of who live there? Please no speculation re: Jana's sexual orientation as per forum rules. There is already a separate thread discussing her future.
  6. May your year give you some form of freedom and hope for escape
  7. happy atheist

    Duggar Aviation Part 2

    Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=23078
  8. indifferent

    Duggar Aviation LLC

    Have we talked about this already!? (If so, I'm sorry, please delete. I didn't find anything) "What happens when your 20 something year old son has a flying hobby? You buy him a plane worth a little less than half a million dollars. It's "owned" by Duggar Aviation LLC so I'm guessing either hey expect to have a fleet or else the plane was put in it's own LLC so that Jim Bob doesn't lose everything when/if John David kills himself and others." all found on the hilarious fakejoshduggar instagram
  9. calimojo

    Constable Duggar

    With Jimbob and Michelle trying very hard to through the local police under the bus, and throwing accusations of conspiracy against them and all that is holy, I really wonder where JD stands with all of this. I realize he is not a real cop, but I would think as constable that he has likely interacted with the local law enforcement and might have even had some very basic training with them. I am very curious to know what his take is on all of this, and if his interactions with the outside world have in anyway undone some of the brainwashing. JD seems dull as dirt, but yet, out of all the older ones, he seems to be the only one with any kind of work ethic (Sorry, i should include Jana, jinger and Joy who likely do all of the housework and childcare). He must have more access to outside influences and if he is living away from the house, as many suspect, he could be watching tv, reading secular newspapers and magazines, etc. Perhaps we have underestimated JD. I also have never gotten the impression that JD was close to Josh, despite being the two oldest boys. And on more than one occasion, you can see in JD's facial expressions that he thinks the dog and pony show is idiotic. Watch his face when Sierra demands they paint 200 flamingos, or his annoyance at JB when doing the ride along, or just his absence from many shows in general. I also suspect that Joseph doesn't live at home much anymore either when he is not in school. Either he bunks in the 'guesthouse' or he bunks at JD's house.
  10. BrownieMomma

    Is JD a real cop or what?

    I attempted a search for this but got so many hits I couldn't find any particular threads that addressed it but if this is like, the third thread on it, I apologize in advance for making yet another one. Merge or delete. I've looked into this before and I found where JD is a Washington County constable, which is an elected, unpaid position. So it's not a full-time job, I don't know how it works, if he has regular shifts, how many hours a week or month it takes up. Earlier today I caught part of the re-run where JB rides with JD. JB said JD is Tontitown police. Tontitown does indeed have a police department but I was unable to find anything with the names of police officers. For comparison, I also tried to find the names of police officers for my town and ran into the same roadblock. It must be a safety issue? Maybe it's better to not publicize the names of the officers on your police force. There was some kind of scandal with police chief in Tontitown a few years ago, 2012. Didn't see Duggar in any of those articles. So could JD actually be a real cop on the Tontitown police force or is that JB showing his ignorance of what his son actually does. I wonder if JB believes, in his own mind, that Duggar dabbles at things makes them that thing.
  11. A few discussions in other threads have sparked some questions for me (and if it seems like this discussion is too tightly linked to another thread, feel free to merge). What is the deal with Jana and John David? This first set of twins appear to be some of the quietest in the family, and obviously their love lives (or lack thereof) have been the topic of much discussion. What are your theories? Personally, I'm leaning toward a combination of naturally shy personalities mixed with early and ferocious "training" in the way of Gothard. With their advancing age (by fundie standards), they are already naturally limiting the size of their families, without having to indulge in "sinful" birth control. I suspect this is due to the extreme conditions of their childhood. Michelle's three course rice meals may have sounded funny to some, but I bet her children were anxious and food insecure (see also: Josh's ever-increasing waistline). Jana sticking around the TTH has the added benefit of ensuring that some younger siblings are still cared for, despite Michelle's lunacy. Gotta be honest, though -- the longer she waits around, the more frightened I'd imagine she'd be of her wedding night. Zero to sixty (sexty?) is quite the accelerated learning curve -- I'd be terrified if it were me, to be honest. John-David can also ensure that his siblings are doing at least okay, if not well. [Don't know the details, but wasn't there also a hard working Bates son who served as a kind of lending center for his siblings? Could be wrong, but JD strikes me as a similar sturdy, reliable figure, if not the most mature amongst men.] I'd really love to hear your favorite theories about the twins.
  12. junglefever

    Duggar Matchmaker

    Hi y'all, Longtime reader, new poster. If you were to play matchmaker, what are some of your favorite potential courtships? I want to see: Jana and Tim Tebow Jinger and Skylar Weiss Joy Anna and Lawson Bates Or, Jana with Skylar and Jinger with Lawson, but ... I just really want Jana with Tim, even if unrealistic (or is it!?). I think she deserves to "win" the "best" husband. Besides, the ages work better this way, since I'm pretty sure Skylar is only 23ish. Plus, I think Joy Anna and Lawson would actually be a super cute match. John David is a stumper for me. I'd love to see Jana, Jinger, and Joy Anna married soon, for their sake, and to see what the family dynamics would be like re: Michelle managing. With Joseph at college, Josiah likely getting married, and John David essentially doing his own thing, it'd leave her with 6 teenage/pre-teen boys and 4 girls/little girls. Still quite the handful, especially when juggling relationships with adult children and grandchildren.
  13. zz22zz

    JB IS Homer Simpson!

    Is it just me or was Homer Simpson filling in for JB on the police ride along with JD? The way he was eating chips and donuts, mmmmm donuts..... And is it just me or did JD seem disgusted with JB in general...like he tolerates his dad because well he is his dad...
  14. Don't know if it's posted yet, but just read that today is Jana and John David 25th birthday. Wonder how they're celebrating.
  15. At least Jed doesn't look gangsta like JD. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/y ... ar-BBhATs7
  16. http://okmagazine.com/get-scoop/john-da ... next-kids/ This may have been discussed before because the pictures are dated months ago, the most recent being 5 months ago. She's pretty. There are pics from her IG.
  17. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1078993 ... ried-soon/ A few thoughts why no mention of Jana being single, is she in a courtship or have we forgotten she exists? Also what would be on a marriage application anyway especially to a Duggar?
  18. On Duggar Family Official on Facebook, they posted a pic of them campaigning..... Is the plane bob got JD big enough to fly them around? Crazy stuff
  19. Sweet Fellowship

    John David Autistic?

    I recall on another forum years ago that it was speculated that John David Duggar is autistic or has Aspergers. He didn't have much airtime back then so it was more difficult to tell. Now he's older and making more appearances on the show, would you speculate that he is on the autism spectrum? I personally don't know. I'm no expert in the field but do wonder if any of the Duggar kids have any mental health conditions.
  20. A public Instagram user, Masiespace (Laura D) just posted a pic of a bunch of young people out to eat.... JD is sitting between two girls and there are no other Duggarlings in sight! Hmmmmm!! I'd post the pic but I don't know how and it's 4am so I'm not about to learn!
  21. New blog w/ lots of pictures. So sad what happened. At least they are trying to help. Things like this is why the Bates have 2 married kids, 1 engaged, and 1 courting. They are allowed to travel without the entire clan and interact with people. I'm talking to YOU, Steve Maxwell!!! You would never let Joe, John and Jesse make such a trip.
  22. For those on the recovering grace facebook a user posted about being caught leaving recovering grace cards at ATI and discussed it with John Duggar and another guy so now at least one Duggar knows there is a way out. The question though is if they will ever take the chance now that they know. So... Someone must have seen me drop a card somewhere this afternoon.. Why you ask? Well because they ratted me out and I got the chance to meet John Duggar and another guy and they proceeded to ask me about what and why I was doing leaving RG cards around the conference. At first I played a little dumb about it.. But then I thought.. What the heck. I'll just engage them a bit. So I talked to these guys and then David Waller? came up and I talked to him.. I told them some of my reasons for the cards. Then I shifted the convo a bit. Then David took me over to talk to Mr Mattix.. Talked to him a while about Russia and all that.. Things were actually going quite well. I should have known better. One of the minions ran and got BG. So he comes over and we sit down at a table and continue our friendly talk about Russia and my job and other non threatening subjects. Then BG says.. So how was your childhood? And I'm thinking... Huh? So I say.. Oh it was good. Pretty normal. Ups and downs. About like any other. Then he started asking about the RG cards. Ha! I have to say when all this started I was quite nervous. But when I was talking to BG I was as clear minded and confident as I could be! It was great! I avoided getting into a war of scripture.. Cause I knew he would win that seeing I was Ill prepared. But I was very frank with him. I kept it to general things. I talked about extreme parents and how his teaching is used against children in damaging ways. That he needs to STRESS that what may be for him may not be for everyone. I gave him examples of several things we discussed so he would know EXACTLY what I was saying. Our talk encompassed many other topics.. Nothing super deep. But I didn't give in to him. I looked him in the eye the whole time. Ha! All that rock music must have been so visible to him. ANYWAYS.. There was a moment when he tried to kinda guilt me a bit.. He talked about when he gave me money as a gift for serving at the mtc. And his point was kinda.. I did this and you come here and do this to me? I acknowledged that I remembered his gifts. But I just let his comment go and I moved on. Well he said that he felt like he owed me more for all the service I had done for the ministry.. I was hoping he'd give me more money. I totally would have taken it too! but he said why don't we go over to the book tables and I'll give you a few books. Oh goodie. More useless paper. So we walk over and he kept talking about things going on in ati.. I think he was going to offer me a job with some new thing he has going. But he got distracted. Lol! He ended up giving me 3 personally inscribed copies of his books. I'm pretty sure two of them are very recent.. So... RG people.. I have things for you if you want them. In all we talked for about an hour and a half or so. I also gave Mr Mattix my thoughts on other things.. All in all it turned out to be a productive day. I did see two rebel looking guys with RG cards.. Maybe they'll find something there. Despite all going as well as it did.. It was 1 on 3. So needless to say.. I'm slightly worn out.