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How do they celebrate birthdays in fundamentalist circles?


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I think it depends on the family. Birthdays were always this massive flashy deal in our house with huge over the top birthday parties, but I know other people who celebrated quietly and a few who thought birthdays were evil or something and never celebrated them at all. As far as I'm aware there isn't a central doctrine about them.

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Yeah, they all do as they please, I think, with an overall theme of not having TOO much fun.

The Jeubs have a small family celebration for each child with a focus on the kids buying/making stuff for each other, rather than the parents buying loads of stuff. Then they have an annual Big Birthday Bash for everybody, on a day that is nobody's birthday, so that they can cash in from wider family and supporters. :roll:

The Maxwells have a 'no birthday party' policy, which means many of the kids have never been to a friend's party and they have never invited a friend home for theirs. They get a few gifts, a bible verse written on the front door, and they get to chooses what is for tea. They used to get a day off school but Teri didn't like the way they looked forward to it and expected it, so she stopped that. If they get too excited and 'self-seeking' in the run up to the birthday then the treats get pulled, to teach them not to be so entitled. :?

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