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XGay Greg and Dede: Dede Doing Comedy

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17 hours ago, Ali said:

He also had an xgay mobile.

I remember the X-gay mobile.  And the ex-gay ministry.  I have a vague memory of them trying to convert people at a McDonalds ambush and victimize unsuspecting McDonald's customers. 

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Oh man I cant express the joy when I see a new Dede and Ex-Gay Greg update on FJ.

Is it just me or does have Jill Rod have certain Dede vibes from several years ago, at the height of their "fame"? The grifting, the endless preaching with a hyper joyous attitude, radio show, etc. I'm almost shocked Jill never had a phantom pregnancy for the resulting grift.

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What time is Dede's slot?  :wink-kitty:


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On 11/29/2020 at 11:17 AM, keepercjr said:

Dede starts at 3:45  I will admit I have not watched it yet.

 And here is the fabulous duo a few days ago for Greg’s birthday



Oh-em-gee, she is AWFUL!! I really tried to give her a fair shot, but I could only take about two minutes before I noped out  

@MayMay1123 Don’t worry, you definitely didn’t miss anything!

On 12/1/2020 at 8:51 AM, MayMay1123 said:

Xgay Greg and DeDe were the first fundies I read on fj. I went all the way to the beginning and read every thread, straight through. Took me three weeks. I just couldn't believe what I was reading! Now... Dede, you ain't funny, girl. Maybe it got better after the 30 seconds or so that I lasted, but I doubt it. 

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      Ok if it wasn’t for the Seattle Police car I would g if Ave guessed this happened in Des Moines. 

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      But it's still Friday so there's that!

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