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Reusing things and stuff


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I started to use the pictures from our old calenders as wrapping paper. I sorted out some boxes and found two old calenders, which I kept because I liked the pictures that much. One Gustav Klimt calender and one animal calender. 

Of course I think I am the smartest person in the whole internet for doing so 😂 ... Is anybody else doing this?

I also reuse Thomy mustards as drinking glasses. Every household in my family does so. Only the glasses from Thomy mustard. 

The plastic wrapping from the toilet papers always gets a second life as garbage bag. 

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i never thought to use calendars for wrapping paper, but i have framed some pages when i really like the picture.  i do the same with greeting cards.

i save pet food bags for cleaning up dog mess in the yard.  

i buy satin ribbon at the dollar store for gift wrapping (rather than regular gift ribbon), and i usually claim it back for re-use, especially the long pieces.  i no longer buy stick-on bows or gift boxes* because they just get thrown out anyway.  it's a little harder to wrap clothing without a box, but i usually fold it smaller and use less paper.

*exception to boxes--i save small boxes for tiny things like gift cards or costume jewelry.  then i save mail-order boxes if something bigger needs it.

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Every year starting in November I save any empty boxes that my food comes in. The various shapes and sizes means virtually everything can be put in a box and wrapped more easily. 

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We were running low on smaller tote bags for carrying lunches and whatnot, so I took an old button down shirt and some jeans from my fabric stash and made tote bags.

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