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  2. Cartmann99

    Reusing things and stuff

    We were running low on smaller tote bags for carrying lunches and whatnot, so I took an old button down shirt and some jeans from my fabric stash and made tote bags.
  3. Scrabblemaster

    Reusing things and stuff

    I never thought about this and it seems like a perfect idea for someone like me, I am bad at wrapping gifts.
  4. Botkinetti

    Reusing things and stuff

    Every year starting in November I save any empty boxes that my food comes in. The various shapes and sizes means virtually everything can be put in a box and wrapped more easily.
  5. catlady

    Reusing things and stuff

    i never thought to use calendars for wrapping paper, but i have framed some pages when i really like the picture. i do the same with greeting cards. i save pet food bags for cleaning up dog mess in the yard. i buy satin ribbon at the dollar store for gift wrapping (rather than regular gift ribbon), and i usually claim it back for re-use, especially the long pieces. i no longer buy stick-on bows or gift boxes* because they just get thrown out anyway. it's a little harder to wrap clothing without a box, but i usually fold it smaller and use less paper. *exception to boxes--i
  6. I started to use the pictures from our old calenders as wrapping paper. I sorted out some boxes and found two old calenders, which I kept because I liked the pictures that much. One Gustav Klimt calender and one animal calender. Of course I think I am the smartest person in the whole internet for doing so 😂 ... Is anybody else doing this? I also reuse Thomy mustards as drinking glasses. Every household in my family does so. Only the glasses from Thomy mustard. The plastic wrapping from the toilet papers always gets a second life as garbage bag.
  7. catlady

    Cheap Laundry Soap Recipe

    hi! i use this one (it may or may not be the same one that Meechelle Duggar uses/used): 1 cup Borax 1 cup Super Washing Soda 2/3 bar Fels Naphtha soap, grated (this is a stain remover, so i sometimes use a left-over 1/3 bar in place of a stain stick) 5-gallon bucket with lid (or comparable container) boil grated FN soap in 3 quarts water until dissolved, then add both powders; stir until dissolved. simmer for about 15 minutes. put 1 quart hot water in bucket, add cooked soap. stir in 10 quarts cold water. stir periodically over the next day or so. use
  8. Hi friends, does anyone have a good homemade laundry detergent recipe they care to share? I'm going through a large bottle of Tide about every 3 weeks with as much laundry as I do. I was using the Duggars' recipe but it didn't seem to be very good at getting stains out. I appreciate any suggestions!
  9. We keep our house on the cool side during the winter to save money on our electric bill, and my husband is more hot-natured than I am, so I can't do anything to the entire bed. So, I made myself a pad for my side of the bed to help keep me warmer at night during the winter. I took some heat-reflecting fleece like you use for pot holders and such, and sandwiched it inside of this old fuzzy blanket I already had. I usually just lay it on top of the bottom sheet, but I'm going to try putting it under the bottom sheet when I change the sheets next time.

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      What does this look like to you guys?
      It's a close up of a small part of the pattern in an oriental style rug.  I immediately saw a specific thing, @Destiny saw something completely different, and my daughter can't see that it looks like anything specific.
      Play with me, I'm super curious...what does this look like to you?
      oooh thank you @WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? for the spoiler!  Everyone put your guesses under spoilers and don't peek until you answer!

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    • Mela99


      I’m back ... and hopefully to stay active again. Life in the land of Mela has been hard af.:: 
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    • mango_fandango


      I may or may not have a slight obsession with LM Montgomery 
      Yes, they’re all in the same edition, Virago Modern Classics. I even have a couple of the other books she’s written on my “want to buy” list...

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    • Destiny


      Well, that “announcement” was so shocking that I’m going to go do dishes now. 
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    • LittleOwl


      Happy Thinking Day / Founder's Day to any FJ Guides and Scouts 
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