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Jinder's Dresses: A Very Subjective Rundown/Review of all Duggar Wedding Gowns

Jinder Roles

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Oooh fun! Thanks Jinder!

Anna. I do not like it at all but she certainly was not provided with the options the girls were. If you must stay with that asswipe, have a 10 year redemption wedding and make him buy you the best damn dress in the world girl!

Jill. I do not like it at all and she chose to ruin that pretty dress with her evil alterations. 

Jessa. Not my style as Im abit of a bogan but absolutely GORGEOUS. Just wish she had worn her hair up!

Jinger. Stunning! I will take the dress but she can keep that train LOL 

Joy. Hated it and it did not suit her. I would have liked to see her in something more like jess's.

Kendra. Very pretty but those ruffles are not for me. It suits what we know of her. 

Jinger wins!


ETA I didnt think that the dress that Alyssa Bates wore was bad just wouldnt have had those sleeve things on it. Points for hot pink shoes too lol!

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I am a sucker for all things wedding too. So here my list:

1. Jinger

2. Kendra

3. Joy

4. Jessa 

5. Jill

6. Anna 

Anna's dress loses because, even if the idea of a simple dress is great the cut and the fit were awful. Jill's at least has features that cut have made it nice if they fitted it properly.

Jessa and Joy are a close run. Joy's dress was a bit boring after Jinger's WOW but more my style. Jessa's suited her really well but is still more a prom dress for me.

Now, Kendra's dress is gorgeous. It is modern and fun. Maybe a bit less ruffles? 

Jinger wins this because I love the dress and if I would marry again this is what I would wear.  For renewing my wedding vows I would go with something like Kendra's though.

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I actually have Kendra's dress above Jessa's now - just. Even though it has a higher neckline than Jessa's, it actually somehow looks like a less fundie dress - I mean it looks a lot like this one by Hayley Paige (modified to be more modest). 


I don't rank Amy's dress that high - I'd probably have Joy's above it, and I didn't like Joy's that much. There's a line separating "hell yes flaunt your boobs" and "squeeze them into a dress too small for them" and I think she crossed it. The dress actually looks uncomfortable to wear. 

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My new favorites

1.Kendra 2.Jessa 3.Jinger (pretty dress, pretty bride, but i still think there's something off about the fit and fabric) 4. Joy (It suited her, even if it was meh) 5.Jill and Anna are tied. Boring dresses that did not fit that well, or horrible hairstyle for Anna, but this was 2008, so she gets a pass.

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Jinger! My all time favorite. The dress: yes, I could see how people can have objections to it. In the light of the cathedral the fabric looked off, but I think it's really the lighting. It looked perfectly fine in natural light. That train, wow! And the pretty hairdo. First Duggar girl to do something really nice to her hair and it made her look even more gorgeous. Plus, nicest bouquet and wedding party colors. Dare I say, she looked really regal. 

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1. Jinger: Her dress has a gorgeous train. I wouldn't be into wearing it because the sleeves would be restrictive on my muscular arms, and stark white doesn't look that great on me, but I think it suits her. I score Jinger's wedding look the highest because it's got the best styling. High heels and an updo FTW.

2. Kendra: It was tight between her and Jessa, but there's something about the sparkles and the textured skirt of Kendra's dress that makes me happy. I would've liked to see Kendra's hair up, but to her credit the veil she chose works well with the look. I don't know much about Kendra yet, but this playful dress seems so right for her. Plus the dress doesn't scream fundie bride.

3. Jessa: I love that she chose blush. The dress is beautiful, and she scores high for the lack of modesty frankensteining. I just wish she'd worn her hair up, perhaps with a birdcage veil to make it look more bridal.

4. Amy: Good for her for not worrying about modesty rules. The dress suited her, but wasn't really my style (too plain).

5. Jill: I like this dress in theory (lace, beading, and a slimmer silhouette). Problem is the execution is atrocious. Bad fit, modesty alterations that could've been done better, and all that shaggy hair. I'm not saying all brides should wear updos, but something about a full coverage dress, a whole lot of long hair, and a veil feels like too much going on. Jill's veil is very pretty, and would've been better highlighted with a soft romantic up do.

6. JoyAnna: This dress feels overworked. There has been too much frankensteining and it shows. The sleeves are an awkward length, and the style of the dress lacks spunk. I know Joy isn't a ruffles and bling kind of a gal, but I would've liked to have seen something more youthful on Joy, and shorter sleeves make more sense for spring.

7. Anna: Poor Anna. Short end of the stick husband, and lackluster dress. Boring, poorly fitted, and frumpy. I wish she'd had more to work with as far as TCL $$$ to get her something nicer. That being said, I do not want to see Anna get the dress of her dreams on some hokey vow renewal redemption special. Anna deserves a do-over with a husband who will treat her properly.

Next up I want to see a Rodriguez daughter marry into the Duggar clan. If her style is anything like her mother's, it will be a tacky snarkstravaganza.

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I still can't decide between jessa and jinger's dresses. I would have worn Jessa's dress, but jinger seem to be objectively the winner. 

If I could go back now, I'd probably go for a white suit androgynous look.

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I LOVE Jessa's dress.  I really like Kendra's too.  Both of them are fun and feminine.

Jinger's was pretty, but not really my thing.  I will wait for the spectacular run down of Joy's before deciding if I'd put Joy or Jinger's next.

Then Jill, then Amy's. I don't like strapless dresses in general or sweetheart necklines.

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The fact Jinger couldn't walk three steps without help, because of that ridiculous train, makes me hate it.  For sure it's photogenic (once people have rushed around to get it into the right position) but it was a physical symbol of the Fundy view of marriage and womanhood.  Literally trapped and trammeled, and the most important thing being how she looks, not she can do (etc etc etc)

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May I just add that Anna's dress had been her sister's and thus carried emotional value for her? Well, the irony is that said sister (Rebekah) got divorced and is married again to,I assume, a non-fundie guy. 

Anna really got the short end of the stick in every regard. Cheap-o wedding, hand-me-down plain dress (that obviously fit her sister but not her), Ramen noodle hair, and the best thing of all: former molester adulterous narcissistic husband. 

To be fair, her wedding was almost 10 years ago and the Duggar girls' style back then wasn't much better. They just got lucky that their style had almost a decade to evolve. 

I don't think Jill's dress was that bad. The alterations kind of destroyed its crunchy vintage look though, and a casual but pretty updo or half-updo could have made a world of difference. 

It's very much BEC of me but I hate that I can see Jessa's split ends on the people shots. If I had been fundie and gone for my usual casual wavy hair look (the way daddy and Got-hard and probably future-husband like it) I'd at least have gotten a proper trim. 

However, these are pretty minor annoyances and none of that was my wedding. The brides all looked pretty and happy (and some looked dorky :pb_biggrin:) so what could I say against that? 

ETA: I think Amy's reception dress appears a lot darker on the picture than it was IRL. Had it been white or off white, it would have looked a bit more glamourous. But over all, I think she looked very pretty. Not a big fan of her squeezed boobs in the other wedding dress, but good for her for choosing whatever she wanted not what her extended family would condone.

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1 -- Jinger by far -- but the flowers and decorations and color schemes made the whole thing one classy affair

2 - Jessa -- I like that she picked a non-traditional and the dress was lovely. I remember being happily surprised when I saw the first picture.

3 -- Kendra -- fun without being pretentious. Fit her personality! 

3 -  Joy -- honestly it was so ho-hum and unmemorable that I had to go find a picture before I did my rankings.  It only ranks above Jill's because it was ....

5 -- Jill -- a total mess. I didn't know what the "theme" of it was...just a mishmash of a whole lot of stuff going on.

4 - Anna -- actually probably ranks above Jill...very simple, but I'm just judging in on its own merits. Plain and simple, functional. Didn't try to be anything it wasn't 

6- Amy -- don't care...


But lets look at the Bride's Maids dresses:

1 - JInger's -- i loved the jeweled colored dresses in a palette of colors. I typically don't like "rainbow" or mix and match themes, but this worked and the colors were gorgeous and it fit in with the decorations. Everything just lovely.

2 - Joy -- I kinda liked the navy dresses even though they were simple (although I didn't like the weird white doily things on Jills dress, but after seeing it online, I'm thinking thats the closest they could come to the others considering she was mucho pregnant....)  I thought the orange flowers were a pretty contrast. Unusual but I think it made it stand out. 

3 - Kendra -- Pale pink dresses OK...for a fall-ish wedding I would have like to seen a little bit darker shade...but no real criticisms

4 -- Jessa/Jill -- both dresses tied in their tackiness. The pink ruffled ugly dresses Jessa chose just screamed cheap polyester.  I think Jessa thought so too, but didn't care.  Jill's with the weird sewn-in bottom panel looked equally tacky and "I just don't care they match" mentallity

5 - Anna - classical navy blue dress, again function and basic. No pizzazz, but no major flaws.

6. Amy -- no clue, don't care! 







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I don't tend to like wedding dresses at all and didn't wear one to my own wedding for that reason and the fact that I was 8 months pregnant and all wedding dresses I could find that would fit me were either monstrosities or out of my very budget price range. But had I married not pregnant I think I would have loved a dress with a similar top to Jinger's but with a knee-length skirt like wedding dresses often had in the 60s and 70s. I think that would have been almost a dream dress for me. I would have liked it to be light blue or a dark cream or light beige color. Yeah, I hate the color white too.

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Here's my list:


Kendra: modest, stylish, modern, fun

Jinger: modest, oldfahsioned, the long train was the best

Joy: I liked it on her, oldfashioned, lacey, had a 1910's bride vibe

Anna: self-made, timeless, the fit was the best out of all the girls

Jessa: not so modest (actually not Duggar standard), brave (colour)

Jill: sorry, but wearing no shoes and the alterations ruined that dress.

Amy: simple, but too sexy, even for Amy, too low cut. The dress seemed outdated for a 2015 and had a more 2005 vibe. I wish she had gone for something more timeless.

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1) Jessa: The best modest fundie wedding dress have ever seen. Loved the bling on top. Loved the color. Loved that it was already modest without looking frumpy. Loved the headband. Could have had better accessories.
2) Kendra: Loved the bling. The ruffles were pretty. Like Jessa's it was modest done right.
3) Jill: Liked the lace and bling. Loved the fitted look. The alterations could have been better. Could have used better accessories.
4) Amy: Liked the simplicity of it. Loved the sash. A little too revealing. Needed better accessories
5) Jinger: Liked the top and the fit. The long sleeves made it looked too old fashioned and frumpy. Needed better accessories. Didn't like the train at all.
6) Joy: Too old fashioned and ill fitted.
7) Anna: T-shirt dress. Alterations were obvious. Too plain.

Did not like any of the bridesmaids dresses. All were equally awful.

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For me

1) Kendra-seems to fit her personality and modest without hideous alterations.

2) Jessa-see above

3) Jinger-Princess Kate wannabe,  but hairstyle is #1

4) Anna- although ill fitting, classic style

5) Joy -meh , imo

6) Jill - unfortunate alterations 


1, 2, 3) - Joy, Kendra, Anna -wearability

4) Jinger- formal, when will they ever be used again? Color clash.

5) Jill - buy a naturally modest dress/don't make your sister slave over them.

6) Jessa - shrimp color, cheap looking, imo

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For me, my list would be: 

1. Jessa: Absolutely gorgeous on her. The fact that she went for blush instead of pure white and how well it suited her and her personality seals the deal for me. I really didn't think that she would go for something so big and princessy because Jessa to me seemed like a no nonsense girl but, it showed her romantic/whimsical side and I adored it. 

2. Kendra: Shocker! I know. No, I absolutely loved Kendra's dress. It may even surpass Jessa's. I am a sparkles girl, I loved how the top of Kendra's dress was sparkly and beautiful. It showcased just how much she was glowing without taking away from her. The ruffles suit her bubbly personality. 

3. Jinger: The dress was beautiful. Heavy and she could not walk in it, but it looked absolutely amazing in pictures. The thing for me that knocks it down to third is that I felt like the dress wore Jinger and it didn't seem like her style. I kinda felt like she was going for the look that Jeremy's grandmother had. It was classy and elegant. 

4. Amy: I think that Amy's dress was beautiful. Very typical for a bride of this day and age but there is nothing wrong with that. She looked amazing, although maybe they should have let out the top a little so that she didn't look like her "cups were runnth over." 

5. Joy: Errrrr. There was nothing wrong with Joy's dress but I think she tried to be a mix of everyone. I feel like she didn't make any decisions on her own and ended up with a mish mash of everyone's styles. Oh Joy, I hope she liked it. 

6. Anna: Again, I don't knock Anna for her dress. Those were much different times and you can't really say that it was bad, it was just plan and not good. I think Anna's dress will always have the pity feel because of who she married. 

7. Jill: The dress could have been lovely, if they didn't make it a monstrosity. Ill fitting, ill suited, I don't know what was going on with Jill on her wedding day, but it could have been so much better. 

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Ok my list:

#1 and 1.5 Jinger and Kendra almost equal. Love the dress and the colour scheme. I like the bs dress too. I would like Kendra more if due had Made something with her hair bit that is just me, and se was gorgeus.

#2 Jessa really like the coulor and the style, it was a little too long  (no shoes visible) and hate the bridesmade dress. Plus the reception ice crema in a parking kit in november is a big no.

#3 Anna timeless and young a little too pale and simple for my taste, but it has  a emotional link for her so. Like the bridesmade dress. 

#4 Joy didn't like at all.

#5 Jill don't like the style or the alteration. Absolutly hate the bs dress with that White band. 

#6 Amy dress to little for her boobs and dosen't for me reflect her style. 

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My picks:

1. Kendra:I love that kind of skirt so much!! I really think it made her glow. Like some others said, I wish she'd done something with her hair

2. Jinger: I thought that it was very classical and she looked gorgeous, but I didn't like the super long train that much.

3. Joy: It was simple, but I think it suited Joy's style very well. Any thing more exaggerated would've made her kinda uncomfortable imo.

4. Jessa: It feels like the less cute version of Kendra's dress to me. And I don't like the blush color on a bride thing, I'm more traditional that way.

5. Anna: I kinda like the dress, but it's very very simple. Nothing really stands out to me. Also, her hair and bridesmaids dresses were really bad.

6. Jill: I used to like it at first, but after every one else got married it quickly became the worst. It was ill fitting and she could've worn an already modest dress like her sisters and sisters in law. I wonder what she would've worn if Renee had made something for her.


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Out of the choices given, Kendra's dress, Jill's pre-alteration was very nice too. The most stunning bride, Jin., hands down. The rest, a mix between blah and first prom.

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Wedding Dresses:

1. Jinger: I loved her dress, and I remember being stunned by the train when pictures first came out. Even if the train was cumbersome and hard for her to walk in, it looked great for pictures. The overall look was classy and elegant. I also like she had an up-do, which helped her stand out from her sisters. 

2. Kendra: I'd like to see better pictures of her dress, but I've liked what I've seen so far. The beaded top and ruffled skirt give it a fun and young look, which seems to match her personality. Not what I expected from her, but she looked beautiful in the dress nonetheless. 

3. Jessa: Hers used to be my favorite dress. I loved the blush color and style of the dress, and I liked that she did something a little less traditional. She's not at the top of my list because the dress seemed a little too prom-ish. 

4. Amy: I liked the sleek and modern look of Amy's dress. The only thing that bothered me was the tightness of the top, which was really accentuated in that picture where Dillon has his arms around her. I would be paranoid all night about popping out of that dress. 

5. Joy: I just had to look up a picture of Joy's dress because it left that little of an impression on me. Not a bad dress overall, but it doesn't stand out at all. It looked like a combination of Jill and Jinger's dresses, and the fit didn't look the best. 

6. Jill: I wasn't a fan of the fit or style of her dress. The added fabric for modesty just made the dress look a little disheveled and matronly. I don't think was terrible, but it definitely could have been better. 

7. Anna: Oh man, I did not like the plain skirt or plain t-shirt top. The dress looked so boring and was not a flattering style. Sorry, Anna. 

Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. Jinger: I loved the style and colors of her bridesmaid dresses, and I thought they complemented her dress well. I also liked the varying color scheme, although I do wish she had narrowed it to 3-4 different colors, as some of the colors did not blend well (like the lavender). 

2. Joy: I thought the color and shape of the dresses looked nice. I like blue in general, and all of the bridesmaids looked nice in the color. I thought the orange flowers added an unexpected pop of color, as well. 

3. Kendra: The dresses look nice overall, but they are a little bit plain for me. I thought the color could be a little bolder for a fall wedding, but the blush/peach look wasn't bad. The style was fine, but a little shapeless. 

4. Jill: The dresses just didn't look like bridesmaids dresses at all to me. The added fabric at the bottom was unnecessary. I don't mind the color, but it also doesn't look very wedding-like. 

5. Jessa: You could just tell that she didn't care about the bridesmaids dresses. Like Jill's, I don't think the dresses looked wedding-like. Color was ok and accented Jessa's dress, but still looked like a homecoming dress or something worn to church. 

6. Anna: Once again, sorry, Anna. I just can't stand her bridesmaids dresses. I know her wedding was from a frumpier era of Duggars, but those dresses are just bad in my opinion. So plain, badly fit, and a very drab color. 

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1. Jessa's for the win.

2. Jinger

3. Kendra

4. Jill

5. Anna. Poor Anna.

Bridesmaid dresses? All nopes. Jinger's might've been nice had she stuck to one color instead of random colors.

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I'm excluding Amy from my rankings because I don't feel that I can fairly rank her wedding dress style against her significantly more conservative cousins.

1. Jinger - Everything about this dress was perfect, to the extent that I might consider a style like it when I get married when I never would have considered it before. Jinger looked elegant, and the sleeves and train were perfect for a November wedding. I am also so glad she wore her hair in a updo, because wearing her hair down would have ruined the look.

2. Kendra - It's tough to pick between Kendra and Jessa, but I give Kendra the edge because I prefer her veil to Jessa's headband, and Kendra's hair looked prettier overall. I wouldn't want my dress to be so poofy, but I feel the ruffles suited Kendra wonderfully.

3. Jessa - I really liked the dress overall, including the blush color. In addition to what I mentioned above though, this dress didn't fit for a November wedding though (nothing about Jessa's wedding really did in my opinion).

4. Jill - Oh Jill, this dress, while seasonally appropriate, was ill-fitting and her lack of shoes was outright tacky.

5. Joy - My problem with Joy's dress is that it didn't feel like her at all. I think a dress like Jill's would have suited her better. I also found the sleeves to be seasonally inappropriate and I felt like this dress failed at being a copycat of Jinger's.

6. Anna - I know it was a family dress, but it didn't fit her properly and just looked a mess to me.



1. Joy - Simple but classy. I felt the wedding overall was more appropriate for fall but the blue dresses can work at any time.

2. Jinger - The dresses were lovely and tailored well. I wasn't a fan of all the colors, but overall the look was beautiful.

3. Kendra - I haven't gotten to take much look at the dresses, but from what I've seen they seem to fit the overall theme well.

4. Jill - Tacky but I like the mint color.

5. Jessa - The color is alright but these dresses are not seasonally appropriate at all. Jessa and Jill should have switched bridesmaids dresses as these would have been perfect for summer.

6. Anna - These dresses are basically funeral dresses in my opinion.

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My list

Wedding dress rankings

1. Jinger.  Out of all the dresses that actually look okay this is the most my style. I personally wouldn't have gone for the the train but it looked so pretty in the photos. Jinger actually had my overall favorite wedding. Loved the hair style and veil

2. Kendra. Not really my style but looks very good on her. I love the ruffles. Very pleasantly surprised. Kendra also has great hair in general. Iunno, it all seemed to really fit with her. Kendra and Joe look very happy.

3. Jessa. Again, not really my style, looked too princessie and more patched together looking then Kendra's. It did look good on Princess Jessa though. Not a fan of the blush color but to each their own. 

4. Amy. Not that I really care all that much about Amy (Why does this women think she's famous??) Even though her boobs were squeezing out of the dress, it seemed to suit her and her overall style. (Not trying to sound mean or bitchy) 

5. Joy. Looked like a patched together table cloth to me. The fit was off. Also the overall theme to her wedding was befitting a fall wedding which was weird in May. Joy just didn't seem very put together. 

6. Anna. Meh. Obviously did't have the resources or money that the other girls had at the time of their weddings. I know it was her sister's dress so it wasn't fitted to Anna but the dress it's self was cute. You don't need to go overly glam. 

7. Jill. WTF. Weird alterations. I actually liked that she wore no shoes cause everyone can do whatever they want to do with their own weddings (Keeping that in mind as I type these lists.) I just don't understand the alterations. Same with Joy but more. 

Bridesmaid dress rankings

1. Jinger again. I liked all the colors and the dresses overall. 

2. Joy's wedding. I like blue and the dresses were flattering on everyone overall. I know I said that the fall theme was weird in May but the orange bouquets seemed original. 

3. Kendra's wedding. I might be in the minority here but the dresses fit with the wedding and were flattering on everyone. I like the color.

4.  Anna's wedding. Didn't hate the color. Also it was a decade ago, where, like I said, less money and whatnot. Also no one's style was very evolved yet. Just didn't hate it.

5. Jill's wedding. Not a fan of the weird layering thing on the bottom. Not terrible dresses overall but they don't really look like bridesmaids dresses at all with the brown belt. 

6. Jessa's wedding. The bright corally pink wasn't a flattering color on anyone in the bridal party. 

7. Amy. No idea...

I would have included the Bateseses girls too but I don't follow them as closely and I'm not sure I have seen all their wedding pictures. I enjoyed this. Been thinking about weddings a lot because I am starting to plan my own.

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1. I love Amys dress, I'm not a big sparkles or lace fan so that kind of dress is what I love (even if she defrauded everyone). I had something very similar for my wedding with an Audrey Hepburn type neckline

2. I think Jessas dress was lovely on her, it's not what I would wear but it really suited her

3. Kendras dress was a real surprise but it seems to suit her bubbly personality

4. Joys dress was just meh

5. Jills dress might've been ok if she'd had a proper fitting in it, it looked like she got a lend of it from someone with a completely different body shape

6. Poor Anna! It looks like a child's communion dress i.m.o


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