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Candy explains it: homosexuality is a choice!


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Candy has now proven - through her usual bizarre Biblical interpretations - that gays and lesbians choose their abhorrent lifestyles. The best part is the mathematical proof at the end.

Don't get her wrong though; she loves homosexuals, even though they've chosen their evil lifestyle and are going to hell.


At the moment, it's the second post down - or go to the left sidebar and click "Homosexuality" under "Ladies Bible Study".

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She doesn't love the gays at all, so I don't know why she's saying it. That kind of love is infuriating. Anyone else think her gay 'friends' are imaginary? I do. If such a friend did exist and was confused, it'd be because of people like Candy who tell her she's going to hell all the time. I couldn't finish her post, so I didn't get to the end, because I find those views a little nauseating. But using the word lifestyle is what really infuriates me. It is not a lifestyle. But this is sort of an illustration of why I think the argument that it is not a choice is important. Something being a choice doesn't have anything to do with the morality of it, religion is a choice and we have a lot of protection for that. But when people think homosexuality is a choice, they attempt a variety of damaging things to make people choose "right".They think if you can choose to be gay, you can choose to be straight, and they're going to do their best to get you to do that. Trying to change because you're taught you can is far worse than being hated, though that sucks too. I spent my early teen years believing I could become straight if I tried hard enough. This is why it's important to emphasize that it is not a choice at all.

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Candy was my gateway fundie. I see she is still pushing her homemaker's binder and pro KJV" stuff same as 5 years ago.

She recycles her content consantly. She's in a cycle of "boring crap, post something incidiary, flounce, come back, post same boring things"

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This is the best part:

We have a list of some of the people who will not inherit the Kingdom of God. We also have the words "do not be deceived." In today's culture, this could mean - 'don't be tricked by the media, public school, and what other people teach.' The list in this Scripture of those who will not inherit the Kingdom of God, are:

1) Fornicators (sexual acts outside of marriage, or with someone who you are not married to)

2) Idolaters:

3) Adulterers

4) Effeminate (men dressing/acting like women - one example would be a transvestite)

5) Abusers of themselves with mankind (homosexuals)

6) Thieves

7) Covetous

8) Drunkards (in the Bible, alcoholism is not a disease, it is a CHOICE. An "alcoholic" is a drunkard. A drunkard is also someone who binge drinks on the weekends, or gets drunk, in general. We are called to always be sober, which means getting drunk is a sin.)

9) Revilers (Example - internet trolls)

10) Extortioners

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Love the part about talking with a Wiccan high priest for 3 hours. Um... yeah right.

Candy would never do such a thing. I don't think she associates with the heathens :D

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