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FLDS lesbian women in the 1800's

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I found this site thanks to snarkbilly posting on another thread and found this interesting tidbit. I may be reading it wrong but it sounds like these two women were accepted in their communty which is very cool considering all things like time period and not one man/twenty women marriage.


http://mormonhair.tumblr.com/post/14515 ... -least-one

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Totally fascinating! I found the search for the second half of the partnership hilarious in its many false starts: "Louie was married to her husband Joseph. Then, she met Lizzie. Lizzie married Joseph to be with Louie, but it didn't work out. So she brought in a second Lizzie, who also married Joseph to be with Louie. That also didn't work out. And then, Louie moved out and married May, where they were partners for 40 years!" 3rd time's the charm, I guess! Or would that be the 4th?

I loved the David and Jonathan comparisons made by their contemporaries. It was always impressed upon me by my Bible teachers (in the 80s and 90s, not the 1800s, natch) that David and Jonathan's friendship was an example of the wonderful (even superior) quality of brotherly platonic love, and that D + J were totally not gay for each other. In comparing Louie and May to D+J, I'm pretty sure many of their contemporaries were thinking of them as platonic partners for life, not accepting them as gay women. Wikipedia is a lot more reserved in its assessment of the known facts, stating (regarding Louie Felt's relationships with women): "Some historians have suggested that one of these relationships was romantic, or possibly even lesbian."

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure these women were gay; I think they got away with it in an intolerant society simply because it never crossed many people's minds that women who were affectionate with each other might also be lovers.

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