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Pregnancy makeup help!


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HI everyone,

Has anyone had to change makeup while pregnant? Cystic acne is making a reappearance in my life and I'm very out of touch of which foundations are helpful for it. I got a free trial of Curology, a serum made specifically for your skin that seems to be clearing it, but I feel like my current foundation isn't up to the task. I use Exuviance Skin Caring, it feels so nice and I love the benefits, but I'm using a lot of concealer to cover the redness and breakout spots. It's also not doing as well with my suddenly dry skin from the heat. :( I will not abandon their concealer, because it is the best on the planet for me. The only other foundation I've really loved was Lancôme Teint Visionnaire with the matching concealer in the top due to having yellow undertone options, but it's only sold in APAC so not an option.

I'm not sure if it helps recommendations, but I use a sonic makeup brush to apply so I can't mess up blending and can stretch my foundation bottle out. I'm currently just using the Clarisonic brush head on my generic skin cleaner.

I'm also looking for mascara recommendations. I hate clumping and wear glasses with easily irritated eyes, so I was getting my eyelashes professionally done to not have to bother with the smudgy mess or having to take it off mid day. The prorated cost of of it is 75 cents/day (worth it, so worth it) so I'm okay with mascara that will last a bit.

Any suggestions would be really helpful, especially since I don't know if my skin will settle or keep continuing to change.

 But also, please tell me if I'm not the only weirdo who calculates out her beauty routine to a daily cost to justify buying nice things once in awhile.

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