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I just ruined baby food


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I've been attempting to make homemade baby food for my nephew. All the books and blogs I've read about it claim it's so easy, you can make 2 weeks worth in 10 minutes, blah, blah, blah.

Well it takes more than 10 minutes to peel and slice the fruit for 2 weeks worth of baby food. Let alone the time it takes to cook it and clean up the mess afterwards. 

I made apple baby food on Sunday, and it took about 4 times as long to cook as the baby food cookbook said it would, but it turned out well. My nephew reacted to it the way people react when they accidentally drink spoiled milk, but he did keep eating it. So I assume he was just not used to eating food that isn't completely liquid. 

Tonight I tried to make sweet potatoes. I used exactly the amount of water they told me to and followed the directions to the letter. The result: the pan boiled dry before the sweet potatoes could fully cook. Not to be deterred, I tried again, this time with carrots. It took an hour before the carrots would soften enough for me to puree them, and I tried and tried but couldn't get the carrots to come out really smooth. They look like lumpy mashed potatoes. I added extra water to smooth and thin it out, but I'm still left with lumpy carrots. 

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Freeze them and let him have them in a month or two when he can handle lumps or take a potato masher or fork to them.  You may need a different blender to get really smooth puree.  One of mine makes lumpy baby food and the other turns out smooth puree.  That worked well for grandson and he could have whichever texture he could handle.  Granddaughter ate purees for about two days and then did her imperious point to the table food and never looked back.

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