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Help! Wool's the wrong size


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Hello, my fellow FJ knitters!

I need your help.

I have a pattern for a simple jumper, and I have two enormous balls of wool in one of my favourite shades.

So far, so good, no?

Well.  The pattern calls for double knitting wool, and the wool I have is aran weight.  I've tried to look up how to make the conversions necessary, but nothing I've read makes any sense.

Can anybody help me?

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@kunoichi66 I'm from the US where we use different terminology. But based on some googling here is a chart that shows the standard yarn weight system. http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/weight.html. DK is listed as a light (3) yarn while aran is a medium (4) yarn. Since they aren't too far apart, I would start with the recommended needle size in the pattern and go down a size or two to see if you can get the correct sized gauge swatch with the smaller needles. If the swatch is the right size, then just follow the pattern. 

If you can't get the proper gauge size, I'm not skilled enough to help adapt the pattern itself, sorry!

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@kunoichi66--I thought about this off and on today, and my only suggestion was pretty much the same as @Bethella's. (I even have the web page with the yarn weights bookmarked.) It's definitely worth a try and a few swatches shouldn't use up too much of your wool. Happy knitting!

(I'm really glad you answered this, Bethella. I had almost forgotten it. :pb_redface: )

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