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Saw this on Reddit. ATI and historical revision


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Damn you! I was just coming here to post this very thing!

I shot the guy a message congratulating him on getting out from under Gothard's gaze. His situation seems so sad but it looks like there is hope yet for both him and anything else wanting to get out of there.

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::Putting on my History Major hat for just a second.::

Please forgive me in advance for the rant you are about to read. I fully acknowledge the nerdy and nitpicky nature of what I am about to say.

Revisionism is a legitimate school or division of historical analysis. In a lot of ways it can be actually preferable to modes of analysis that tend to be sexist, classist, and Eurocentric. In other words it counters history written solely for and about dead white guys. What ATI kids were/are taught probably was/is not actual revisionism.

:: takes off my History major hat::

Shitty history writing drives me bonkers. And people who teach history without even acknowledging the complexities of any point in time of history makes me chew screws. Problems with historical narratives are sadly not confined to funds homeschoolers. You would be shocked at the amount of misstatements and outright factual errors in any standard K-12 history textbook.

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I really really want to tell him to read Quarantine by Greg Egan, then read Greg Bear and Gregory Benford and Stephen Baxter. But reddit scares me. All those nested threads.

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