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Fundie book reviews!


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Maybe not 'fundie', they don't yamer about God and sin, but surely of equal pearl clutching drama.

I linked to this book in the tampon thread.

http://www.amazon.com/Period-Book-Updat ... 715&sr=8-1

Out of curiosity, I decided to look at the one star reviews, because I often find one star reviews snarkworthy especially on things like this. I was not let down at all.

This review is from: The Period Book, Updated Edition: Everything You Don't Want to Ask (But Need to Know) (Paperback)

This book is NOT the book you are looking for. Find the American Girl book on this subject, The Care and Keeping of You, and you will be so impressed and pleased with the beautiful way it handles this subject. Your little girls will become so confident and feel secure about the changes, rather than worried and confused by the inappropriate material that is in this book.

BTW, my daughter has been raised on a ranch and probably knows more about reproduction and sex than all the four and five star givers on here that think I'm being naive or "prudish" about this topic.

The title of this book, "The Period Book", is SO misleading, and would cause many to believe it is a book for young girls learning about the changes coming to their bodies and why they happen. It is not, and the material in this book would be more for older girls or young women who have made the choice to become sexually active(and have started and learned about "periods", etc. so why this title?).

Read it, word for word before handing it to your young daughters!


For instance, this book tells you that you can get pregnant if sperm is on a finger and it is put "inside of you". This is absolutely ridiculous in a book they are recommending to nine year olds to learn about growing up, emotions, body changes and starting menstruation! (As if getting pregnant is the only troublesome aspect if someone is "placing a finger with sperm" in them at their ages?)

ThIS author has written supernatural and horoscope books before, and other odd titles and how does that even qualify her to write about such a topic regarding OUR kids and a company like Amazon to even carry it? Simply she is qualified because she has a 14 year old neice?! Give me a break! This book also goes on into how to position legs and behave for an OBGyn, birth control pills, etc.

If you want a book that will make your daughter feel beautiful, confident, in control of her body and what happens to it, and proud to be growing up, look at the American Girl book here on Amazon.

I literally threw this "period" book in the trash. You will too.

To the author of this book:

SHAME ON YOU for using clever illustrations, a misleading title, and presentation on such a poorly written, completely off the mark book for young girls. You are taking financial advantage of moms looking for that special book about growing up for sharing with their young daughters

The responders fell all over themselves thanking the OP for her 'honest review'

We have this book and I read it. It is a good, basic book IMHO. I found nothing inappropriate at al about it. YES it addresses OBGYN visits, YES it talks, in a very basic way about how pregnancy happens....but it is all appropriate info for a 8-10 year old. Hell, my kid knew the basic of how pregnancy happens when she was five. oh and YES, you can get pregnant if sperm touches the vagina, including on a finger. DERH!

This is the 'awful' paragraph on sex.....

In response to "can I be pregnant if I miss a/ a few periods?"

" Normally, the only way a woman can get pregnant is if a man places his sperm inside her. And that happens only when he puts his penis into her vagina, squirts sperm at the entrance to her vagina, or has sperm on his finger and then puts his finger in her vagina. So if you haven't done any of those things, you can't be pregnant."

It goes on to explain that there are many reasons to skip and be irregular. I remember my own early days where I skipped and all my friends were saying I was pregnant because that is the only reason to skip. This little paragraph counters that misinformation.

That one, single paragraph is all that addresses sex as far as I can recall....and I am at a total loss of how that isn't proper for an eight year old? They should know how a baby is made by the age of eight! Even if the book had far more info, it is good to get that info in their heads while they are still young and open to the ideas. Parents of older kids know how quickly that door can slam shut!

I am shocked the reviewer didn't flip a nut over the book talking about using a mirror to check things out in the vaginal region.

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This response to the review winns the crazy award.

Yikes! This is frightening. Sounds completely inappropriate for a book that is assumed to teach 9 year old girls about their period. Has anyone recognized that this book, with it's appealing "youthful" appearance and detailed information, could be used as a molester's "conditioning" tool. From what I understand, there is a place molesters go to look for lists of books and videos they can use to help condition young girls so that they feel such actions are normal. Especially with it's "Everything You Don't Want To Ask But Need To Know" sub title. Are you kidding me? Those willing to criticize others who have a more responsible view of "age appropriate" material should think about that. Perhaps the author/publisher would consider another re-write or change in appearance, so as not to categorize themselves with books for 9 year olds? A big "THANK YOU", with a full round of applause to "MJ" for her insightful commentary, specific examples, and "finger" wag to the author, who may have inadvertently aided in the success of more than one child molester. I wouldn't want my 9 year old thinking about fingers inside of her or GYN visits when she should be learning what's going on with her body and why she is important to herself. I am going to purchase the "American Girl" book because it seems more about caring for the "whole self" (it also has exerpts I was able to view).

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