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Koala (06/07/11 10:01:17)

Last day! Looks like Mrs. B is still in the lead.

Linnea (06/07/11 10:17:39)

Here's where to vote:


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Penny Sycamore (06/07/11 11:37:57)

I voted yesterday for Raising Kvell, a blog for Jewish parents.

I am really glad to see the blogs by pagan moms doing so well.

MissNovember (06/08/11 09:18:00)

It is tightening up on the homestretch; "only" about 300 separate the top two.

Soldevi (06/08/11 09:20:51)

I noticed that too. In these couple of days the gap has narrowed.

Koala (06/08/11 09:22:38)

I'm really hoping Mrs. B gets it! Just voted for her It's over today right?

Austin (06/08/11 09:32:26)

I voted here at work and will vote again when I get home. The lead is narrowing! Vote-vote-vote!

chengdu (06/08/11 09:55:58)

The second place blogger in the Circle of Moms competition, Women Living Well, is asking for your vote. She operates a Christian blog.


I thought it was funny that she warns her readers "watch your step. . . don't be alarmed" but there were bloggers of all faiths participating in the contest. Does she think the pagans can jump out and bite them?

TerrieES (06/08/11 10:01:21)

I swear, so many of the "Christian" blogs act like this is a battle of faiths, not a simple popularity contest.

Koala (06/08/11 10:02:53)


holly (06/08/11 10:49:24)

There is 262 seperating the top two now.

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GolightlyGrrl(06/08/11 11:35:19)

I just voted again. Go Mrs. B!

glamourdollxoxo (06/08/11 12:03:17)

As a christian which nowadays im even embarassed to call myself thanks to idiots like those who are afraid of pagans and think they are going to ruin whats good and holy and act like being in the same category is akin to having your soul sucked out by the devil. I hope mrs B wins this to shut these paranoid nuts up.

kpmom (06/08/11 12:09:28)

Just voted. It's getting too close for my taste...just 300 votes. Keep on voting, everyone!

Koala (06/08/11 12:15:52)

Ha! If Mrs. B wins they will lose their ever loving minds! I promise you, these nuts will keep us entertained with blog posts for at least a week if they lose to a pagan. Then they will have PROOF that they are being persecuted!!!11!!!!11

kpmom (06/08/11 12:15:52)

Ha! If Mrs. B wins they will lose their ever loving minds! I promise you, these nuts will keep us entertained with blog posts for at least a week if they lose to a pagan. Then they will have PROOF that they are being persecuted!!!11!!!!11

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kpmom (06/08/11 12:36:46)

Just FYI, you can also vote using your smart phone and your ipod touch, if you have these.

glamourdollxoxo (06/08/11 12:38:12)

Lets rock this vote come on FJ lets band together and show these persecution fundies whatsup

CelticGoddess (06/08/11 12:39:00)

The gap is widening again, thank the fsm. I voted and when MrCG gets up, I'll have him vote, even though he has absolutely NO interest. LOL

batwing (06/08/11 12:41:41)

I voted too, I saw that Courtney is soliciting votes again and warning us not to be alarmed of the other faiths are represented.

anniec (06/08/11 12:43:01)

Go Mrs B!

Koala (06/08/11 12:48:05)

Well it's scary shit when you realize that there are people in the world that actually believe *gasp1111* different than you and your sweet headship

Gizmola (06/08/11 12:57:56)

I voted again for Mrs. B. I am praying to God/Allah/Buddha/Krishna/Flying Spaghetti Monster that she wins so that 1) the so-called Christians will know that being funny and witty and kind triumphs their holy submission 2) because I agree with an above poster that the snark factor of the "persecuted" will be hilarious!

clibbyjo (06/08/11 13:19:36)

I just voted straight Pagan across the boards.Is still leading with only 1.5 hours left to vote.

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batwing (06/08/11 13:24:30)

I've been so excited for this contest to end, the post contest fall out is going to be AWESOME.

holly (06/08/11 13:26:22)

372 votes difference now.

glamourdollxoxo (06/08/11 13:51:32)

I hope she wins

CelticGoddess (06/08/11 14:01:07)

(06/08/11 14:01:07)

Koala (06/08/11 14:11:30)

Too bad Courtney doesn't have a little button on her blog that says, "A vote for me, is a vote for Jesus"!

Inanna (06/08/11 14:14:58)

I gotta admit, this whole Circle of Moms scandal has introduced me to a ton of new, interesting blogs by pretty awesome moms. So I can thank Fundy McOnlyskirts for that at least, I guess. Got my fingers crossed for Mrs. B!

Also, I just realized that I'm a tater tot, now. So proud. :P

Childless (06/08/11 14:37:29)

Just put one in for Mrs. B and some others that I found interesting. Kind of makes me want to start one of my own. LOL

TerrieES (06/08/11 15:32:08)

As a side note, if people are looking for some non-crazy, positive Christian mom blogs, there are some good ones in the adoption category. www.circleofmoms.com/top25/adoption

clibbyjo (06/08/11 15:33:46)

Kind of wishing I still had my homeschool blog! I had lots of followers and probably could have placed in the" top 25 secular homeschool blogs" if there was such a catagory

zeebaneighba (06/08/11 16:50:35)

I just voted. The Pagan Soccer Mom is ahead by 312 votes. A little more than an hour to go!

demgirl (06/08/11 17:04:16)

Just got in a last minute vote. I have to say, I find it encouraging that the Top 25 has 12 pagan blogs. Once again, the extremist Christians never learn -- if you make a big stink about something you disagree with, the blowback will be 20 times worse for your "cause" than the original issue (See: Harry Potter).

notsocommon (06/08/11 17:14:31)

How can you tell if your vote takes? I click and nothing happens.

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Inanna (06/08/11 17:17:05)

The little yellow "thumbs up" circle will turn gray.

notsocommon (06/08/11 17:20:03)

Well, then it is not letting me vote or some reason

demgirl (06/08/11 18:03:17)

WE WON!Mrs. B WON!!!!! demgirl does the cabbage patch dance of victory!

Last Edited By: demgirl 06/08/11 18:29:25. Edited 1 times.

Gizmola (06/08/11 18:37:59)

So happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!!

Koala (06/08/11 18:44:38)

Congratulations to Mrs. B!

emmyfair (06/08/11 18:51:13)

Yay!!!! I've been voting every flipping day and I'm so happy!!!

caxpax (06/08/11 19:19:48)

I'm AM SO HAPPY!!!! SQUEEE! YAY MRS. B- now I can stop voting 3+ times per day and use those minutes to actually get to enjoy reading your blog

defrauding (06/08/11 19:25:20)

Well, we have to wait for Circle of Moms to deal with suspicious votes before the list is final. http://www.circleofmoms.com/flat/top25-faqs I doubt they'll actually verify anything, though, given how complacent they've been about the so-called "Christian love" some of the nominees have shown.

Last Edited By: defrauding 06/08/11 19:29:22. Edited 1 times.

twin2 (06/08/11 19:45:02)

Reading those rules, I wonder if "The Time Warp Wife" really took herself out of the running or if she was booted out since she mentioned other bloggers in her "All Roads Don't Lead to Rome" rant. Interestingly, she has modified the post taking out the mention to the other blogs.

GolightlyGrrl (06/09/11 11:54:06)

I just left Mrs. B the following message. Hopefully it will show up on her comments soon.

"Dear Mrs. B-

First congratulations. This is a very much deserved victory for you. I want you to know you had support from all over the Internet. And many of us are doing the happy dance in your honor.

Also, I'd like to commend you for the class and restraint you showed when some of the so-called "Christian" moms threw vitriol and hate towards you and other Pagan moms. Never once did you sink to their level. You are a class act.

And finally, I just think you have a really great blog; it's quite charming."

twin2 (06/09/11 16:40:59)

And the woman that started this whole mess is crying what, PERSECUTION! of course. Now, I have no idea if she has received actual "threats" or not. If she has that is wrong. However, I did follow her facebook for a few days after the hubub started, most of what was posted was calling her out for article and some saying she was a poor representative of Christianity. Truly, I think the only thing she thinks she did wrong was to name blogs by names, she seems to have no second thoughts on what she actually said. She also seems agog, that Christian Community would persecute her by telling her she is wrong and not coming to her defence. The whole "woe is me, I have to deal with the consequences of my actions pity party" is very annoying to me.


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Sola (06/09/11 16:52:02)

Persecuted? Oh not another one. What is it with these people? Has she been prevented from practising her religion? No. Has she been physically attacked and beaten? No. Have her family been rounded up and shot/enslaved/gassed? No.

You haven't been persecuted you silly bitch. The simple fact that you right now have the ability to write that ridiculous post on your blog proves that. You have instead been outed, by yourself no less, as the stupid, moronic, intolerant, fool that you are.

glamourdollxoxo (06/09/11 17:02:22)

She shut off comments because she knows she will face backlash for throwing a temper tantrum like a little girl for not winning. You lost get the fuck over it already!

Boo freaking hoo that someone else of another faith won this America and there is religious freedom you know not just your precious KJV baptist 1611 point of view. I am seriously ashamed to be a Christian some days.

emmyfair (06/09/11 17:06:52)

I read the time warp wife's latest post. Reader's Digest version? "I'm right and the Pagans are all agoing to hell, but I'm going to cover my ass with some nice words of the "Bless your heart" variety. Alao, to the Christians that voiced an opinion different from mine instead of falling into rank with my BS - WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

There. I saved you all some time.

Austin (06/09/11 17:46:48)

OMG, I had no idea how over the top this woman is. Does she have no insight to how ridiculous she seems? "I have spent many nights curled up in a ball crying in my closet ". WTF???

This woman needs to get some real problems. ::eye rollage::

Jencendiary (06/09/11 17:54:04)

Did I not tell you this would devolve into a herd of bored white women playing oppression Olympics?

Austin (06/09/11 17:56:44)

You called that one!

Gizmola (06/09/11 18:00:13)

Crying in her closet?? LOL OMG - I really needed a good laugh today. That was priceless. I am so going to add that to my silly, melodramatic repertoire. I usually use Corky's "You're bastard people...I'm going to go home and bite my pillow," but from now on I'm going to curl up in a ball and cry in my closet. That is just fantastic.

Lissar (06/09/11 18:38:45)

You hit the nail on the head and put it *through* the piece of wood. You guys, did you see the picture she posted with that entry? (A woman on her knees, weeping at a desk with her hand over her face.) I swear I'm in shock that someone posted that in seriousness, it's like a parody.

My family has been through the worst kind of persecution that one can imagine these past few weeks (well maybe not the worst as we have yet to be crucified upside down), with constant letters of humiliation and threats.

Threats are not okay, I'm not cool with threatening anyone. IF she actually got any threats, I do feel bad for her. But I think loads of these people perceive disagreement as threats. And Time Warp Wench - people saying mean things to you is not persecution, you silly bint. It's for damn sure not in the same realm as being crucified, upside down or otherwise.

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buzzard (06/09/11 18:43:36)

Whats funny is that if ms whaaaa whaaa hadnt been crying persecution we probably wouldnt have known about the competition and wouldnt have voted! I'm quite sure FJ was responsible for more than 300 votes!

almostfundylyte (06/09/11 18:44:26)

I'm from the south, and when we say "bless your heart", it's just a polite way of saying "screw you." Not sure if that was what you meant, I haven't read her post, but that was how I took it.

kb (06/09/11 18:46:22)

How was her family persecuted? Did someone find her home address and send her entire family letters on paper? Or is she talking about email and blog comments? Because if that's the case, I don't see how her family was affected. Just because people disapproved of her, doesn't mean her family was affected at all.

emmyfair (06/09/11 18:51:29)

You got it!

Austin (06/09/11 18:51:29)

She basically claims that the pagans and other non-Christians didn't bother her that much. She expects bad behavior from godless hussies like them, you know. It's the Christian women whose apparent criticism nearly caused her to slash her wrists. She just doesn't know how she can say, "My religion is the ONLY way and if you believe anything else, you're going to hell for sure" in a "loving" way and she just doesn't know what they expect from her. eleventy11111!!!!!

::eye rollage::

What a friggin' twit.

twin2 (06/09/11 18:56:56)

At least we can rest assured that SHE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

I've got my cupboard stocked with microwave popcorn eagerly awaiting her future musings. With so many flounces lately, I have some openings in my fundie blog reading schedule that need to be filled.

mirele (06/09/11 19:21:32)

"Time Warp Woman" wasn't persecuted; she was PWNED.
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theologygeek (06/09/11 20:15:03)

I voted for Mrs B because I read this thread and it said to vote for her. lol I just went to this time warp blog. What is she going on about? Is it because she lost?

glamourdollxoxo (06/09/11 20:19:44)

Yeah she freaked out that those of non-Christian faiths were even allowed to be in the same category as Christians as if they somehow would besmirch the blogsphere. She then went on to spout a vote for me is a vote for Jesus BS and now that she got her ass handed to her vote wise she throws a fit.

Lissar (06/09/11 20:19:53)

She said some nasty things about some of the Pagan bloggers that were participating in the contest - something to the effect of "faith is for Christians, silly rabbits." Then she either withdrew from the contest or was removed for violating their rules.

twin2 (06/09/11 20:27:01)

No. At one point in time she was entered in the competition. When she realized that Pagens were in the running she wrote an epic piece of WTFness on her blog entitled "All roads do not lead to Rome" clutching her perals that the Pagen blogs were concidred "faith blogs" and allowed in the competition. The post is still there, but convenently edited to take out some of the more vile parts. Eventually, she "pulled herself" out of the competition because she didn't want to compete against her sisters in christ and be associated with Pagens. I secretly wonder if Circle of Mums kicked her out because in her origional post she spoke of three of the Pagen blogs in the contest. I followed her facebook a bit after that, and she had a lot of criticism thrown back at her about what she said and many told her she wasn't being much of a Christian. Now she is crying about all the people persecuting her and how she did nothing to deserve this. She's coming off like a spoiled rotten brat throwing a temper tantrum.

edit: oops cross posted with a few others, its such a fun story to tell

Patsy (06/09/11 22:21:54)

My favourite "boo hoo, you poor dear" phrases:


and 'A BLU BLU BLU'.

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Jencendiary (06/09/11 22:24:22)



theologygeek (06/09/11 22:50:23)

She'd never be able to handle a real crisis if this sends her into a meltdown. Also, if she didn't want to be associated with Pagans, she would have withdrawn as soon as she realized that they were in the running. She probably did get kicked out.

theologygeek (06/09/11 22:52:20)

Lissar wrote:

theologygeek wrote:

twin2 wrote:

And the woman that started this whole mess is crying what, PERSECUTION! of course. Now, I have no idea if she has received actual "threats" or not. If she has that is wrong. However, I did follow her facebook for a few days after the hubub started, most of what was posted was calling her out for article and some saying she was a poor representative of Christianity. Truly, I think the only thing she thinks she did wrong was to name blogs by names, she seems to have no second thoughts on what she actually said. She also seems agog, that Christian Community would persecute her by telling her she is wrong and not coming to her defence. The whole "woe is me, I have to deal with the consequences of my actions pity party" is very annoying to me.


I voted for Mrs B because I read this thread and it said to vote for her. lol I just went to this time warp blog. What is she going on about? Is it because she lost?

She said some nasty things about some of the Pagan bloggers that were participating in the contest - something to the effect of "faith is for Christians, silly rabbits."

That is terrible. Predictable with fundies, but still terrible.

Oddeverything.shocklinesforu (06/09/11 23:42:25)

Oh, ffs! Reading that hot mess from time warp whiner lowered my IQ. It read like a 15-year-old on LiveJournal, circa 2001.

I no more believe this woman got a death threat than I believe the Rapture is coming in October. Full reproduction of the threats, complete with user names and/or IP addresses or it didn't happen. I don't know of a single person who would not seek legal help in the face of valid threats, and to continue to blog when evidently the entire non-Christian Internet supposedly wants you dead and even has access to your phone number is the mark of a bad mom. This isn't blogging during war. It's sharing insipid household details - hardly worth risking her life for. "Oh dear! They finally silenced Time Warp Housewife! In the absence of her bold voice, where will we get tips on being a help meet! No where ! We are doomed! Let's put the kids in day care and watch porn!" The sense these women have that anyone cares about their online voices is pitiful.

I don't think this woman has a clue how unbelievably stupid she sounds because she genuinely seems to believe there is something subversive and dangerous about being a Christian in America. Either that or she thinks the way to the top in the blogosphere is to be important enough to merit real threats - as opposed to the occasional comment all bloggers get from 4chan rejects telling us to kill ourselves or similar.

clibbyjo (06/10/11 06:05:14)

Awesomeness, must be used more often!!

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Curious (06/10/11 07:42:48)

I think you might be correct on this point because someone (bea?) wrote to CoM about another blog in the contest and their response was basically she isn't making a personal attack unlike Time Warp Wife (my paraphrase). I will see if I can find that post, but the way it was worded made me think that CoM kicked her out and she just said she was withdrawing.

One of her comments on either Mrs. B's blog or maybe Journey to Beloved (or something like that) made it clear that she thinks her ONLY mistake was naming names, which makes me further think that CoM got on her not for what she said, but for the personal nature of the attack.

Edit: I found Bea's post in the other thread, it doesn't specifically say Time Warp Whiner, but I bolded the part that stood out to me at the time:

This is the response I got from Circle of Moms:

"We very much appreciate you taking the time to explain your concerns regarding our Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms. Circle of Moms is a community where moms can come to support each other, and that is why we have the site-wide policy No THUMPS (http://www.circleofmoms.com/no_thumps.php) . We also support Blog With Integrity (http://www.blogwithintegrity.com/) which states "I treat others respectfully, attacking ideas and not people. I also welcome respectful disagreement with my own ideas."

I have read through the post that you have provided me, and have found no personal attacks in her post. She does mention that she doesn't agree with Circle of Moms's decision to include other faiths on our Top 25 list, but she doesn't attack anyone by naming names. To be clear, other blogs were removed due to the very personal nature of their attacks against other bloggers on the site.

Thank you again for your concern, and we really appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day!"

Here is the post that TWW made at journeytobeloved.blogspot.com/2011/05/greatest-of-theseeven-for-witch.html (emphasis added):

Darlene Schacht (http://www.blogger.com/profile/05561724581338626441) said...

Dear sister, I understand your post, and agree entirely with love. It is patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, NEVER haughty or selfish or rude. I believe that it was my post that started all of this in the blogosphere, and I'm sad that so many people have turned to looking at my words rather than looking to Christ.

My error was in talking about these women in particular. In addressing something that I disagree with, I have since learned that I should disagree with their "stance," but not the person. So between PAGAN MOM and I, I apologize for directing my thoughts toward YOU and the other woman mentioned.

And to Pagan mom I'd like to say this. If you were my neighbor, my sister or friend, we might very well have gotten along and shared a cup of coffee over the fence. I'm sure you are a very nice person likely with adorable kids. BUT because I am a Christian, it's my duty to stand against ideas that aren't in line with MY faith.

While many faiths may believe that all roads lead to Rome, I can't. My faith dictates that I must be a watchman.

So please forgive me for involving your name, but understand that I stand strongly in my faith because I believe that I must.

I am no better than you. I am the greatest of sinners and have much to be forgiven for constantly. But because I believe it Jesus Christ and His saving grace I believe that without Him people are lost.

We all have a right to choose, but again I don't believe that anything other than Christianity is right or okay. That's MY belief.

To Journey to Beloved I'd like to say that when you say, "We could learn from a coven of witches what it looks like to stand together in a common truth and support one another. A giant army of voices."

I'd prefer we look to Christ as He is an infallible compass. And although you may not have seen it publicly, there have been thousands of women supporting one another. I've received countless letters, but most of them don't support the contest. So we don't see it there. They don't believe in arguing and fighting online. I've seen it as I'm in the midst of this storm along with Pagan mom.

May 28, 2011 10:15 PM ( http://journeytobeloved.blogspot.com/20 ... 8957967601)

Last Edited By: Curious 06/10/11 07:54:04. Edited 1 times.

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Koala (06/10/11 07:50:29)

Wonder if she's still in her closet crying this morning???

mamamcd (06/10/11 10:39:30)

Raine (06/10/11 11:40:06)

I still wonder if she didn't know what a shit-storm this would create and hadn't planned it to get some publicity and clicks/money for her blog.

Sounds far-fetched, but she used a guest post about her affair to get traffic and re-establish herself with the "biblical womanhood" bloggers not too long ago, after shutting down her site and starting this one. She also has had luck with purposely offending people in media interviews, so the controversy gets her clicks.

robertposteschild (06/10/11 12:00:35)

details, plz??

Austin (06/10/11 12:41:43)

OMG, that was one of the. funniest. things. I had seen on the whackadoodle fundie mom blog circuit in a long time.

Geesh, lady, grab the handrail.Roll

Raine (06/10/11 13:33:22)

The article was in the Winnipeg Free Press - http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-a ... 60224.html

It was just tame enough to piss off many readers, but in that passive-aggressive way that would let her claim persecution and attack when they criticized her claims.

She wrote a couple blog articles about it, and comments were closed on at least 1, because locals were clicking over from the paper and she was really laying it on thick there. Of course, they responded by writing editorials and giving her even more publicity, and the paper ended up doing a follow-up article on the whole thing.

You can seach for "Darlene Schacht" at the Winnepeg Free Press site to bring up several articles and editorials responding to her.

I'm guessing the whole "get media coverage and piss people off, then get more coverage" thing worked once, so she's going to try it every chance she gets now.

She also posted a "persecution" post in response to that incident, comparing herself to the man who carried Jesus' cross - time-warp-wife.blogspot.com/2011/01/weight-of-cross.html

Oh, look, she claims to have gotten threats then, too:

Time-Warp Wife was featured with a full page article in our local newspaper, and that led to much scoffing, ridicule, and emotional yet painful threats.

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GolightlyGrrl (06/10/11 13:34:28)

For the fuck of shit. How old is this broad? 12? A handful of pagans get on the circle of mom blogs faith edition, a stupid contest nobody would give rat's ass about if TWW didn't get all butt hurt, and she claims she's being persecuted?

And she actually spent time crying in her closet over this BS? My goodness, I got mugged, beaten and feared I would also be raped, and I didn't need to go cry in a damn closet.

Koala (06/10/11 14:05:44)

They've got a prayer closet, maybe they all need a persecution closet now....you know, where you go when people disagree with you. (which of course means that they hate Jesus and babies111).

twin2 (06/10/11 14:17:51)

OMG, the mia culpa she gave on this women's blog pissed me off. If you want to whine about how bad people are treating you do it on your own blog, not someone other blog. The whole thing came off across as "why aren't you my fellow sisters in christ not backing me up, pity me, I did nothing really wrong, I'm the victem here. I'm being PERSECUTED!" and she chose to do this on a blogpost that gave a different opinion then hers. Really classy lady. Then her minions come over and chastise the poor blogger for turining her back on her sisters in christ to support the "witches" and to think about all the terrible things that poor, poor Darlene has gone though. Poor, poor Darlene got into this mess all by herself and needs to learn to deal with the consequences of her actions. That woman was just (and still is) fishing for sympathy.

edited because I riffled a few times

Last Edited By: twin2 06/10/11 14:28:19. Edited 1 times.

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MollyTrolley (06/10/11 14:24:39)

And if she would only look to Christ she'd see that her behavior was and continues to be most un-Christ-like.

demgirl (06/10/11 14:29:25)

I love that she is BFF with Candance Cameron Bure. If only ABC Family knew the hotbed of scandal they are sitting on. (IE CCB is on ABC Family show Make it or Break it, CCB wrote a book with TWW, thus CCB is one step away from someone who publicly hated on other religions.)

Austin (06/10/11 20:12:23)

Maybe that's where she was curled up crying all night long. . .Eek

Patsy (06/12/11 01:57:59)

... My life will never get more beautiful than this moment.

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      To date, I've worked with former Amish, Mennonite, LDS/FLDS, FOG, and a those representing a whole slew of evangelical, fire and brimstone fear/shame/guilt-inducing institutions.
      I am especially interested in working with former Remnant Fellowship and Scientology members. I view RF as basically Scientology without the budget. 
      I'll leave it there. Much more can be gleaned about me through my website: therapyoutsidethebox.com or IG: @ therapyoutsidethebox
      Chris Hancock, LCSW
      Franklin, TN

      · 3 replies
    • Kiki03910


      I have a friend with untreated autism and ADHD. I've tried so fucking hard to help. He refuses. It's a mess. I'm really really tired.
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    • Kiki03910


      Making Jill Duggar's brownie recipe because why not stay up late.
      · 2 replies
    • 47of74


      Party on aisle 15....

      Also no interest if fully paid in so many months.
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    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      Happy Supper Bowel Sunday!!  No, wait. That isn't right...
      Anyway, enjoy the game (or the half time show, or the ads)!
      And a very happy Sunday to everyone who doesn't care about the NFL! 
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    • Kiki03910


      I'm a huge baseball fan. This year, MLB TV showed Liga Dominicana games in December and January and it was a fucking revelation. The players had so much fire and joy. The announcers with their charming DR accents were a blast, though I could hardly keep up with the Spanish. DItto the Serie del Caribe. As a White Sox fan, the MLB season is going to suffer by comparison. Te amo los Tigres del Licey!
      · 2 replies
    • bea


      I've just realized how long I've been on FJ.  Holy cow.
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