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AJ Miller: A Lurve Story


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Allow me to introduce Alan John “AJ†Miller, age 49.

Once upon a time, Miller was a married property developer and father of two. He and (presumably) his family were Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Cite)

Then he met a younger woman named Karen, fell in lurve with her, and dealt treacherously with the wife of his youth. It was at some point during this period in his life that AJ Miller discovered that he is, in fact, Jesus Christ – because nothing screams “I’m the Christ†quite as loudly as leaving your wife and children to chase a piece of ass ten years your junior. (Ibid)

In 2007, Miller met a woman named Mary Suzanne Luck. (Ibid)

It turns out that neither time nor distance could separate Romeo from his Juliet, and so it came to pass that Miller discovered his current girlfriend is none other than Mary the Magdalene. (Of course, at least one critic suggests Karen was also identified as Mary Magdalene during her hot, sweaty adulterous (?) relationship with the risen Jesus – but that was clearly just a case of mistaken identity.)

Jesus and his main squeeze, whom he identifies as his “soul mate,†now live entirely off donations. (Cite)


Miller began spreading his philosophy of “Divine Love†through free seminars around Australia (

) -– or at least that’s how he presents the situation: In reality, Miller is allied with a for-profit organization called “Alpha Dynamic,†which is managed in Australia by a Miller fanboi named Peter Heibloem.

Heibloem’s organization offers seminars related to “…mind training, personal empowerment and high performance training.†(AD website)

According to one source, Alpha Dynamic charges $600 for a four-day course related to its service area. The sales pitch for this course takes the form of a free seminar.

The Alpha Dynamic course materials focus mainly on mental exercises that virtually anyone can do, but Heibloem believes ultimately that his audience needs more -– such that he sometimes turns part of the last seminar day - as was the case at one point in 2008 - over to AJ Miller.

The audience that day should have felt honored, since Miller runs with a very exclusive crowd –- including St. John the Apostle, whose letter '>here includes such deep theological observations as...

“Of course immortality, as it has been explained to you, can only be learned from the teachings of our communications. But immortality in the former sense, continuity of life, can become established as a matter of knowledge, and to the satisfaction of these orthodox preachers, if they will only seek with open minds…â€


Miller is not in the least bit shy about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iGoSCXEP0IHe’s not just tapping into the “Christ Consciousness,†as lesser new-age prophets are wont to do; he is in fact the same man that preached the Sermon on the Mount and raised Lazarus from the dead – and he claims to remember all of it.

Even so, Miller has little in common philosophically with the First Century Jew who was essentially tortured for crimes against the establishment.

Nonetheless, being God incarnate, Miller has had the opportunity to meet such leading lights as Aristotle, Plato, and Gandhi -- and I guess such experiences are bound to change a guy. (See A Current Affair link below)

Even despite his access to these intellectual heavyweights, however, Miller’s religious philosophy is more reminiscent of the one espoused by the character of Jim Cunninghamin in Donnie Darko.

Don't believe me? Check this out.

Does that sound like Plato? Does that even sound like Jesus?

Among Miller's teachings are the following:

[*]The Law of Attraction -– to wit, that every bad thing that happens to a person is the result of his or her own choices, conscious or unconscious. (An alternative name for the LOA is “bullshit.â€)

[*]Mediumship, even despite its being spoken against in the Bible. (“Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the LORD your God." - Leviticus 19:31)

[*]Gnosticism: That secret and advanced knowledge is only granted to those who have passed through the requisite spiritual stages as defined by Miller. It’s partly for this reason – to keep people moving up through the program – that Miller encourages emotional outbursts during his presentations.


Miller isn’t all saccharine and light, however; like most cult leaders, he hints at the dire consequences that await those who don’t subscribe to his theories.

Before the movie 2012 hit the small screen, Miller made the following statements:

“Everyone, I suggest you see [the movie 2012]. Everyone. I can’t pay for you all to see it, but…[laughs]…but my suggestion is for you all to see it because it’s an interesting movie and a lot of the events portrayed in the movie are similar to the kind of events that will be occurring.â€


“A lot of this stuff is very much coming from the spirit world at the moment.â€


Not surprisingly, Miller has been implicated by critics and the media (and anyone else with an ounce of common sense) in the break-up families –- or, in the very least, encouraging conditions that lead to family dissolution. He says people may leave their current marriages, good or bad, to seek out their “true soul mates.â€

(A Current Affair TV Show - Australia)

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Highly reccomended - I read it in the ebil state college - Very interesting story, I used to live in Ypsilanti (was born in Ann Arbor).

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