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[Repost] Duggars on the Today Show


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boogalou said:


Sorry, I fell asleep, it was that boring. Basically they buy used and save the difference, every single kid wants 5932875 of their own kids, watch their show tonight and buy their book. The only interesting thing was that the hosts asked if there were any misconceptions about their family they wanted to clear up, one of the girls started to say something and she was completely interupted by either JB or Michelle, now I cannot remember. It also seems Jinger has lost a bit of her spark. Sigh.

Here's the link: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/43309004#43309004



demgirl said:

You know what? That's it. I am so sick of journalists failing to do their basic jobs. Now, TODAY is not hard-hitting journalism and I know this... but I'm sick of them pandering to these creeps. Grr.. I'm so mad... I'm -- I'm -- I'm going to write a letter! Yes, a letter. Sigh.



Hopewell said:

I think it's important to remember that this was an ordinary every-day book plug. It wasn't meant to be a Barbara Walters special. On Today it's fluff--especially with the Duggars. I imagine whichever girl was going to say something brilliant like "Folks need to get over us wearing skirts..." And, honestly, if you were a Duggar kid would you say on national tv that "I want a vasectomy when I turn 21?" Probably not--you value what freedom you can find.....

I'm just glad Anna was allowed to REST.!



Daisy4 said:

I don't know if Anna was being allowed to rest or Smuggar was just to lazy to get up early after the late night.



Also, when they ask the kids to raise their hands if they want a small family, watch Johanna (Second from the left on the bottom row) she half raises her hand twice and then Jeremiah (?) next to her gives her a nudge with his elbow.







Koala said:

I can't watch anything else with the Duggars...they bore me.



That "modest" family is the pure definition of "over exposed".




Hopewell said:


10000% agree--in fact I don't even consider them to be modest [modesty is not a big topic in the Bible, either!] You can read more in my blog post on "></a>/hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/2010/12/defrauding-duggars-are-duggars-modest.html%20/hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/2010/12/defrauding-duggars-are-duggars-modest.html%20">http://hopewellmomschoolr...e-duggars-modest.html%20">Defrauding Duggars...Are the Duggars Modest"





watchdog said:


watchdog said:

I nearly fell off my chair when the guy asked JB&M if they have to stretch their income every month to make ends meet. eyes.gif Maybe a few years ago, but now? laugh.gif



marmalade said:

Boob shut Michelle up right quick when she started to pull out the old saw that there are some months when they struggle. Even Boob knows their most ardent fans won't believe that one anymore. And thrift store clothes? Hardly. In their position, they should be donating their gently used stuff to thrift stores. Especially Joy, who now appears to have officially hit puberty. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

Jessa was the one Boob cut off; I couldn't even hear what she was trying to say. His iron fist was all over that family.

And it's official: as I posted last night (but is buried now), Jana is Josie's sister-mom so I don't expect to see her going anywhere soon. Boob has to keep those girls close to home so he can keep the TLC dog and pony show going as long as possible.



xDreamerx said:

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't up early enough to see it. I realize Today is a morning show and the latter half is especially not designed to be hard hitting but more lifestyle. However, asking them if they want a small family is a joke. Does no one on that staff realize that this is a dominionist movement? Even if they did want a small family they would never say so. Also, I agree that Jinger seems to be towing the line more recently, even towards the end of the show last season she and Jessa seemed to be interviewed a bit more and she seemed to be giving answers that were more party line.




carter said:

I think it is really sad that these kids are even more 'stuck' than typical quiverful kids. Of course they will say they want large families whenever they are interviewed. If they rebel, they face public humiliation... how are they to know that there are lots of people who support them NOT being quiverful? I hope for each of them that somehow they break free, but I worry that it won't happen... at least not for a long time. Even the Maxwells have a daughter living at home who is nearly 30. I will be 34 this week and I can't imagine still living with my parents!




Hopewell said:


In a word--NO...and no one's going to ever bring that up.


I honestly don't think the Duggar girls will ALL still be at home at 30--ratings are crying out for a courtship or two or three! The may have a longer engagement [although that's not typical of QF] to string it along though.

The kids have all been exposed to too much that is away from the party-line not to be questioning their beliefs [the older kids I mean...] That they may still toe the line--sure, but I'm positive there is thinking going on..... 'Siah and Joy, typical of their age, are the snarkers of the moment. The older ones have been given what freedom the folks will give and have had it made clear their duty to uphold Mama/Daddy with the public and the little ones....It's little kids in the house and the fear of "corruption" that gets so many teens/YA in trouble in QF/P families....



buzzard said:

I love how Michelle isnt holding a SINGLE baby... but she did have a book!




Hopewell said:


Please! Poor Josie is waaaaaaaay past Mama time and on to Buddy-land...



GolightlyGrrl said:


This is a great read. You really nailed the Duggars' odd definition of "modesty." Modesty isn't about wearing a frumper or a polo shirt buttoned all the way up. It's about also about being humble, and we all know the Duggars are not humble.

Yep, I watched the Duggar fest on the Today show this morning. Yawn. And I'm not surprised they gave no shout out to TLC for their good fortune. It's all about being debt-free, God and shopping at Goodwill.





O Latin said:

Is it possible that the Duggars have been told by TLC not to mention the money they make from the show? I really don't know anything about how TV contracts might work, but that seems like it might be possible.

Honestly, I don't understand why there was so much fuss on the part of the Today show guy about whether the kids want to have large or small families. I think it's sort of stupid to think that any of the younger kids, especially, might have any accurate idea of how many kids they want to have. I think even Jana and Jill saying they want large families should be taken with a grain of salt. I know many people like to fantasize about one or more of the Duggar kids running away in the middle of the night, becoming an atheist, going to college, and only having two kids. But I think it's more likely that they will drift away gradually (and I do think many of them will drift away). I remember somebody on TWOP once imagining Jana driving her five kids to their Christian private school in her minivan or something like that, which I think is a much more likely future than any of them becoming a feminist green-haired scientist. It is fun to imagine, though.



xDreamerx said:

Do you think it's just money that prevents journalistic outlets from asking real questions or are there other reasons? Well, perhaps "just money" is a poor statement considering it is often the crux of television and other media. But I suppose I expected more from NBC since they are kind of centrist (some say left but as a Canadian much of what Americans consider left looks like centre if not centre-right to me).




Stacie said:

I only watched it because I was afraid they'd announce another pregnancy...Thank God for those kids, that wasn't the case. Although she does little to none of the child raising from what we see, it would still suck to grow up without a parent...




snickerz said:


I was noticing Jana - on the follow up question - Do any of you want a small family? Jana glanced to the side and then looked down at her lap. I think for most of them, what they ACTUALLY want, and what they're ALLOWED to want, are two different things.





lilwriter85 said:

I'm not surprised that the Today Show as just fluff. Thank you boogalou for posting the link. I agree with Hopewell mainstream journalists and shows like Today Show, GMA and other types of shows will never bring the dominionist movement. The Duggars have managed to fool plenty of people with help from the media. I have mentioned this in other threads, there are some people that I know online and IRL that believe the Duggars are a large sweet perfect family. They likely don't know how some QF families are always struggling finacially and health wise and they also don't know about the ties the Duggars have to certain fundie movements. These types of fans basically buy into what the Duggars, TLC and other media journalists or shows tell the public about the family. TLC has been smart in many ways with how they promote the family. I think the Internet through sites like FJ, TWOP, NLQ and other sites are the ways many people fully become educated on the QF/fundie movements. One annoying Duggar fan that I know in real life is too sheltered to question anything about the family. She basically believes the BS that spews from Michelle's annoying little girl voice.




carter said:

What I want to know is ... what's up with the flower hats and bandannas that the little girls seem to wear all the time now? Is that some kind of trend?



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[Repost] Duggars on the Today Show

Tells you where her priorities are. Jana and John David always seem so quiet. I think that it is just JD's personality but Jana always looks a little bit sad. I would say I hope she gets married soon, but that could end up making things worse. I think in the grand scheme of Christian Male Headship JB is not too bad and I worry that the girls will end up with terrible husbands.

And to the others, no problem for posting the link. I "like" 19 Kids and Counting on facebook and they really seem to enjoy spamming my news feed with all their videos and Jichelle blog entries. I put up with it because everyone once in a while it tells me they are on the Today Show. Also, don't forget that their season premier is tonight. If their appearance this morning was any indication of how their show will be...

I think it's just to remind the girls of their femininity and their second-class status while they are still young enough to potentially be mistaken for boys. It's back-up in case someone doesn't notice the longer hair and the dresses.

TV contracts for reality show participants varies. Some cable or broadcast networks and productions have been honest with the public about how much participants make. I don't think TLC is one of those networks. TLC in many ways has played the media well for the Duggars. They have managed to keep certain details about quiverfulls and fundie movements off the show. I think the Duggars like having the public believe that they are extremely good with budgeting/finances.

I think some of the Duggar kids will drift away from the fundie lifestyle. I sometimes have a feeling that some of the younger kids will be the ones to break away. I don't see Smuggar, John, Jill, or Jana breaking away.

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