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Fundie Mom that doesn't turn her teen girls into slaves


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Baker's Dozen mom has a baby that is a really terrible sleeper, likely due to an as yet undiagnosed medical issue (they are working very hard to find out what it is) She has at least three teenage daughters, and wrote this on her blog this week:

Several people have mentioned having our teenage girls get up to help with Apollo, but I really don't feel okay about that. He is our baby (mine and Chuck's) not my daughters. If I were truly sick with the flu or something and Chuck and I couldn't get up with him then of course we would have them help, but not under normal circumstances.

She needs to give a little lesson to Michelle, Kelly and the rest.

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kudos to her! we need to send her a gift or throw her a party or something, you guys.

*edit* and ha! my post count is 666 :D

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I think Apollo was baby #14 and they liked astronomy.. He was born in 2010. They've adopted several of their children and they seem semi normal. At least they see doctors.

From the beginning of the pregnancy, we hoped to somehow incorporate "XIV" or "14" into the baby's name. We were thrilled about this new addition to our family and eager to show our joy. Once we found the verses about Apollo/Apollos we knew we had our name.

Not only could we use the number 14, but it gave it an "astronomical" ring. This is one of those names that just seemed perfect to us for this particular baby.

So there you have it: Apollo XIV.

eta I found the story of his name on the blog.

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Sounds a little space shuttley.

Yeah, I think so too, but it's from some scripture.

I think it's kind of mean that they gave him a number for his middle name, but they really like the unique names - just so long as they are biblical. All their kids have super Biblical names. They have a daughter named Jubilee because she was born in their seventh year of marriage, was their seventh child and I think she was born in July or something - lots of sevens around her birth anyways.

Apollo has the craziest birth story - it was a cord prolapse at home, and she was rushed to the hospital, crash c-sectioned and he was totally fine.

here's the link to her blog for those that aren't familiar with it.


Although she's super-fundie and likes to go to Above Rubies retreats, she also lets her girls pursue their interests (albiet rather feminin ones like hairdressing, doula work and photography), and she has a two kids, including a daughter in Jobcorps.

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This is not a criticism, but I'm noticing that they are not very big on house cleaning. The broken blinds, the dirty cupboards/stove.

What's up with the duck tape obsession with the daughter Tilly?

Overall, they seem pretty normal.

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