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Has anyone heard of the Jaffe memo?


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A friend on facebook posted this:


Apparently she used to be a PP director who left and is now very pro life. PP was supposedly part of a committee which researched methods of population control and published it. She is treating it more like a "game plan" than as a list of all available options, which is how I read it. I've only got my phone, as my computer bit it last night, so I didn't check out more posts, but I've tried to find more information on this article. I've confirmed that it did exist, I can see it in my university library, but can't view it. But the only places discussing it are forums or blogs like hers, who "don't want to live in a communist country."

Has anyone heard of it? Do you know if it has the ties that she claims? Do you believe it is "showing its face in our culture?"

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Here's a direct link.

Looks like Jill Stanek thinks the memo is "prophetic" (jillstanek.com/2011/11/planned-parenthoods-infamousjaffe-memo-on-population-control/)because the Obama administration is pushing for greater access to birth control. Yeah :roll:

plaidninja, I read it as you did - a list of all possible options. I would not endorse any of the options that decrease choice, of course, but at the same time, am not at all squicked out by encouraging planned pregnancies, making adoption more accessible, making homosexuality more acceptable, etc. I certainly don't read this as an endorsement of forced sterilization or hormones in the tap water.

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