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ReflectHymn.com's current photo tickles me: A girl in argyle tights, a skirt (short and fitted, but a skirt) and shirt/cardi takes violin lessons from ... a very androgynous-looking individual. ;) I had to zoom the photo to confirm that the instructor is wearing men's shoes, so is a man. But I had to look twice. I wonder if Steve'n'Rebecca posted that reluctantly. Maybe they didn't! Maybe they accept that this instructor isn't "a mannnnly man" and love him even so. That'd be nice. :)

A family who posts a happy anniversary message to Steve'n'Rebecca over on srloomis.com has a family blog that includes a photo of Peter "The Logistician" Bradrick in which he appears to have something of a JLo bum (or maybe it's just the shadows). As well, there is a a photo of some oldsters on a hayride. One old lady appears to be wearing (gasp!) momjeans (or maybe grandmomjeans) and an old man sitting next to her seems to be grinning lasciviously at her thigh. Elderlust! I"m for it!!! 8-)

I'm not going to post the family's blog address here becase they seem pretty mild-mannered, just folks living life, wishing their friends a happy anni. But you should have no trouble finding it, and the photos that entertain, within.

Most importantly: Happy anniversary, Loomii! You guys haven't aged a day. And seriously, I hope God gives them the desires of their heart, adopted or otherwise. Bless 'em. They are for me a source of gentle humor, this a.m.

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Well, hush my mouth. I do believe I see the Botkinettes in photo #18 of the Bryant family's "NCFIC Glorious Marriages Conference" (Nov. 3rd) blog post. Hmmmm.


(Sorry, MJB, I know you didn't want to post their blog addy, but this was too good not to share.)

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      So..my son is getting married at the beginning of March and I tried on dresses today. I need to lose weight. I'm about 60-70 pounds overweight and I absolutely have to. I'm not one to post statuses but I'm doing everything I can to hold myself accountable. I'm sitting here wanting to stuff my face and I know this isn't the answer. I can do this. I will be okay. I'm going to make myself check in regularly. Whether or not anyone sees this, I am going to be posting.
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      Is anyone here from Moore County, NC?  I hope they catch the domestic terrorists that shot up the power substations.  All to stop a drag show!  Throw the fuckers in jail.
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      Today, I dusted everything but the ceiling fans.  Sorry Maxwells!
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      Nebraska's new football coach is an evangelical bullshit artist who participates in "Man Up Ministries" conferences in the off season. Their motto is "Fighting for Biblical Manhood". Excuse me while I go vomit. 
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      Don't know I'd charge quite that much though.

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      Wisconsin’s first thanksgiving 

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      Long time no visit…
      COVID has finally caught up with me. Dad tested positive first, last Friday, then my mother, brother and I all tested positive today. Main symptom is feeling really really tired. Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse 🤞 
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      Yeah probably not the best place to put that quote...

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