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Major Cyberattacks and the Aftermaths


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American shoppers may want to brace themselves for yet another possible supply crunch — this time with meat.

JBS USA, the country's top beef producer and its second largest producer of pork, suffered a cyberattack this weekend, prompting reported shutdowns at company plants in the United States and globally.

On Tuesday evening, an official from the United Food and Commercial Workers union said all US JBS beef plants are shut down.

However, JBS released a statement Tuesday night indicating most of its food plants will be open Wednesday.

Here comes the panic buying at Costco or Sams Club with people buying trailer loads worth of beef and other meat that will go bad before they can use it and being fornicating stupid about it too.

I wish our shitstream media wouldn't sensationalize things like this because it just encourages stupid behavior.


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I think it was something posted or retweeted by Nicole Perlroth (I saw her on Rachel Maddow and began following her - she reports on Cyber Security and the like - wrote the book This is How They Tell Me The World Ends) - what the lamestream isn't putting out in their headlines and blurbs is that JBS (the meat packer who was hit) actually had offline backups of their systems so it was not clear if they would actually pay the ransom).  Also I believe I saw/heard that JBS is back to work today.

And yeah - this will trigger idiots to go panic buy all the beef.

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Scripps Healthcare recently had a bad ransomware attack.  
People (including yours truly) weren’t able to schedule certain appointments, send/receive messages from their doctors, and perhaps worse—find out lab results.

The ordeal lasted a couple weeks.  Scripps wasn’t able to send email updates regarding the hack, either.  Once they finally did, the update came with the bummer news that our private info may have been comprised.

It has been a mess.


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