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Question for republicans, democrats please do not respond


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Why are you republican? 

I follow american politics regularly, and I understand that american society is more of a “pull yourself up by the booth straps” mind then most European societies. 

There are a couple of things I honestly don’t understand. 

1. Even tough I don’t agree I can understand the Roe vs Wade debate, innocent children are “murdered”. 

I wonder if you are better off being born if you are not wanted, or really sick, but I understand the position, my question is;

If you are against ending ones live, why don’t you oppose death sentences and why are you not promoting free birth control, I think that is the best option for preventing abortions. (Kids as young as 6 get sex Ed and around 12 they can take condoms home, at 16 girls can get free birth control pills without parental consent here and our abortion and teen pregnancy rates are really low (even though you can get a abortion within 10 miles anywhere in the country))

2. Why don’t you advocate for better public education? 

The best equalizer and really the only way that you can ask people to fend for themselves is giving them the same opportunities in live. And the only way of doing that is education. (We are well off and give our children, when neccessary, tutors, I think those should also be equally provided for all children for the simple reason that kids should have the same opportunity)

3. How come free market and religious believes are in the same party?

I don’t believe in free markets or god, but what I have understood of Sunday school is that Jesus thinks the best people look after the weakest in society, does that not go exactly against the free market principles. 

4. Why don’t you want people to be a bit happier (no worries about children, healthcare, housing and food equals basic happiness levels) in exchange for additional private jets for the richest people?

I don’t pretend in socialist society everything is perfect, over here poor people can’t always live where they want because social housing is really popular in big cities and kids realize Christmas presents at other houses are more expensive. And sure we complain a bit when the tax bill comes in, but I’m really happy to know no one thinks twice about taking there kids to the doctor and I never have to “go fund” someone’s doctors bills. 


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