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Man behind racist Arby's sign caught after posting it on Facebook


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A man thought it'd be a great idea to mess with an Arby's sign then post it on Facebook.


A man has been charged with altering the drive-thru sign at an Arby's Restaurant in Brooklyn Center to display a racist and sexist slurs.

A picture of the altered sign outside the Brooklyn Boulevard restaurant, reading "Now hiring n------ and w-----" were shared on social media, prompting an apology from Arby's who said its sign had been "compromised."

As it turns out, the first person who posted a picture of the sign on social media is the person who has been charged with changing it to display the slurs.

Usindini Christopher Colling-Harper, 19, of Minneapolis, has been charged with criminal defamation, disorderly conduct and public nuisance.

Obviously he never read this piece of free legal advise;


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Wow. I'm impressed he managed to be sexist and racist with so few letters. Congratulations? 

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At one point, my work brought me into contact with a lot of people in prison. Most of them are not "evil" as we tend to think of it. Most of them just have terrible decision making skills. (Like the lady out on parole who thought it would be a good idea to gift her husband the hunter with a hunting rifle for Christmas...)

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