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Found 8 results

  1. kpmom


    This is not defending "Karen" behavior in the least, but I feel more and more that this "Karen" stuff has at least some misogyny thrown in. Case in point; I just read a magazine article online by a male author regarding the couple who came out of their mansion to point guns at peaceful protesters in their neighborhood. That couple is awful and deserved to be called out, but the author spent about 85% of the article talking about the female partner, and other "Karens". What he wrote about the male partner almost felt like an afterthought. Something along the lines of, oh and her husband is awful too. In case you've forgotten, both partners held a weapon and both pointed their weapons toward the protesters. The woman's weapon was a pistol (bad enough), but the guy's was a freakin' automatic weapon! He mentioned the guy's polo shirt, but spent more time talking about the woman's stripped shirt and her capri pants (which he said are required apparel of Karens everywhere). I get the feeling from the gist of these articles and memes is that most racist people are white, hysterical, screaming, usually middle aged, females. We all know that's hardly the full reality. It's not even the full reality in this particular instance.
  2. A man thought it'd be a great idea to mess with an Arby's sign then post it on Facebook. Obviously he never read this piece of free legal advise;
  3. I found this on Reddit. So infuriating. If you didn't notice (I didn't at first) the woman's and girls' wrists/arms are bound with xmas lights. These poor, poor kids. Especially the girls, but the boy may not have a great childhood either, if he doesn't measure up to his sick fuck of a father's toxic ideas about what boys and men should be like.
  4. https://www.chronicle.com/article/All-Things-Ill-Considered-/243865
  5. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/09/without-men-we-would-all-be-vegetarians.html I'm not even sure anymore if she's for real. Women all get too emotionally attached to animals to slaughter them for food, and men are the ones who are capable of keeping enough of a distance to kill a chicken. So without men, we'd be nonexistent, excuse me, vegetarian, and I guess lesbian or something. I don't even know. Somehow this leads to "blurring of the lines" and "homosexuality is becoming more common" (and is more proof Lori knows exactly nothing about history). And women are becoming like men and *GASP* "{even fighting in wars} and no longer think they need men" (again, women have always fought in wars, though for a long, long time they had to disguise themselves as men, and yes, Mulan was a real woman) and this leads to sexual confusion in kids. Because of all of this, kids don't have dads and women expect the government to take care of us. If only we go back to our biblical roles! I'd like to be the first wife, I think. Maybe I could ask my husband what the hell meat has to do with sexuality aside from the love many men have of beating the meat. *rim shot* *double entendre rim shot*
  6. Men are happy because righty tighty lefty loosey. And not wearing a shirt at the water park. Someone upped her pain meds.
  7. CynicMom

    Sexism in Movie Previews

    I took DS (age 5) to see Arrietty today. Maybe it's because I haven't been to movies in a long time but I was shocked at the level of violence and sexism in the previews. I tried to remember as much as I can. It wasn't until I had a little kid next to me flinching every time someone was mean to someone else that I really noticed. It was just one thing after another. Some of these - like Madagascar 3 - just appeared to be a series of violent and sexist jokes strung one after another. Sorry if this is incoherent but I am BOTHERED. The Lab Rats (Disney XD Show) - I don't remember the specifics although it was overall very dumb Brave - "A LADY enjoys elegant pursuits" The Lorax - Person 1: "You wouldn't hit a woman!" Lorax: "That was a woman?" [cue laughter] Mirror Mirror - Various set pieces involving the importance of beauty - "Those aren't wrinkles!" "The prince will marry whoever is fairest" etc. Madagascar 3 - Scene 1: "You pillow fight like a bunch of little girls!" Scene 2: "I don't trust lion. He is too big and glossy. He is not lion. He is lioness." [cue laughter] Madagascar 3 also featured a scene where one character violently slaps another in the face over and over. Pretty much the only preview that wasn't totally offensive was the Chimpanzee documentary. Brave gets a bit of a pass since it appears to be a movie about overcoming sexist traditions - but that wasn't apparent to a 5 yr old. He just saw sexism. Ugh. Arrietty otoh was totally sweet. Highly recommended.
  8. Nurse Jenna

    25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads

    Check these out. I can see why fundie men are pining for the “good old daysâ€. The Lysol douche ad just about keeled me over http://www.icanhasinternets.com/2010/05 ... ntageads1/
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