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Ron Paul fan shot up Minneapolis Federal Reserve


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And a dumbass Ron Paul supporter did this last month.


An apparent fan of failed presidential candidate Ron Paul is accused of opening fire on a Federal Reserve Bank building in Minnesota, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Christopher Wood allegedly went to the top of a parking ramp July 21 at the Minneapolis Central Post Office where he worked and fired several shots from a 12-gauge shotgun at the nearby federal building, reported the Star-Tribune.

The gunshots broke windows and damaged interior walls at the Reserve building, causing damage estimated at $40,242 but no injuries.

The 43-year-old Wood was arrested Monday as he left his St. Paul apartment, where investigators said they found the shotgun, some ammunition and evidence that the attack was politically motivated.

Of course thanks to our wonderful media we're just hearing about this now.

They're worried about who is fornicating who and don't have time to talk about reich wingers doing garbage like this.

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