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Journey of Creation - (Don't Fear) The Reaper


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I just can't get enough of this song right now.

I've been feeling very... melancholic, I've had suicidal fantasies and self harmed myself after a 10 year break.

And this song, it just speaks to me. It makes me have emotions and it makes me feel like I should get away from whatever I've been doing to myself. And I got an image in my head a few hours ago. I debated doing anything about it, but I need this. I need art. I need the therapeutic feel of it, even though it makes me uncomfortable at the same time.


Here's my first concept sketch of the piece I will be making. I've already erased the leg, the anatomy's somewhat jacked. Focusing more on the atmosphere right now. I'll still probably sketch this out a couple more times before I move it on canvas/water colour paper. Not entirely sure if I'll go acrylic or watercolour yet.


Criticism and help is always welcome. I'll be updating whenever I progress...

I love yous all FJers, thanks for making me feel like I belong somewhere. :group-hug:

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