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'It destroyed the girl she was': the toll of pregnancy on Paraguay's children


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Mainumby was forced to give birth at the age of 11 after becoming pregnant via rape.  Paraguay would not allow her to have an abortion.


Meanwhile, the girl – who became known as Mainumby – became the focus of an international media storm over Paraguay’s high rates of child pregnancy and its draconian abortion laws.
Mainumby, now 14, suffers chronic pain in her hips and waist, the result of her pregnancy drawing calcium and vitamins from her growing body.

More painful still are the psychological scars. Her daughter, now nearly four, is a constant reminder of the traumatic end to her own childhood. Mainumby regularly self-harms, said Rosana.

“She’s taking medication, her anti-depressants, pills to help her sleep,” said Rosana. “She has panic attacks … several times, she’s wanted to commit suicide.”

This is what that orange fuck and his reich to life groupies would love to see happen in the United State

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