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RIP George Michael


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Enough of the nonsense, 2016. You've taken David Bowie, Prince & Leonard Cohen from us (not to forget about Alan Rickman & Carrie Fisher, of course). But George Michael, too?

Heaven must be having one helluva concert right now.   :my_heart:

On a side note, a friend posted a George Michael clip to her Facebook page in tribute to him, & one of her friends posted a negative response (ie, one less junkie in the world). George was certainly no saint & wasn't perfect by any means (and no one is, naturally), but I thought this was an asshole thing to say. I toyed with the idea of responding to this butthole's comment, but decided not to. I'm truly not a shit-stirrer, and my response would've started unnecessary nonsense. Besides, why give energy to negativity?

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