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Twinkies owner has purchased the Playboy Mansion


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Get yer Twinkies/Playboy jokes ready folks...



Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion is about to get a new owner, the billionaire heir to the Hostess empire.

Daren Metropoulos already owns property adjacent to the famous home.

His firm brought back the Twinkie and got Hostess out of bankruptcy, so he probably has enough for asking price of $200,000,000.

We do know though that Hefner, who is 90 years old, will get to stay at the mansion for the rest of life.

Hmmm.....do bunnies like Twinkies? 

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That gross old mansion cannot be worth that much. Was the former demands Hugh wanted still set when the mansion was bought? I remeber he wanted a contract so that the person who buys his house to let him rent it out until he dies for a really small amount of money. Considering he probably still had a decent nest egg left to cover all the medical needs it would take to keep his body living unnatrually longer than normal people in his condition, why would anyone overspend on that nasty place and not be able to do anything with it for who knows how long? It could be well over a decade before that man dies. 

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Oh gawd.

Twinkies are ruined for me forever.

Cream filling? I. Just. Can't.

(Not that I eat them anymore anyway, but about once every 3 or so years, I like to have a Twinkie to see if they are as good a sI remembered them being when I was a kid. No. No, they're not).

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