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Connection between IBLP/Staddons and Church of Wells?


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I noticed that Robert Staddon is indeed Facebook friends with two of the "pastors/ cult leaders" of the Church of Wells. Does anyone know about their connection? Doesn't the Church of Wells believe that they are the only true saved ones? If so, I'm curious as to why IBLP people would be affiliated with them... Hmm... Also, the Jim and Bobye Holt are friends with the Church of Wells pastor, Jacob Gardner, too. Nathan Corduan is too.. This is freaky... the Church of Wells is a legitimate official cult. I wonder what is going on...

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I've gone down the Church of Wells rabbit hole and am convinced this is a Koresh situation waiting to happen.  I saw a rant on Daniel Pursley's page (the man who let his baby die in 2012) directed at his evil Mother-in-law where Gothard was mentioned, but that's it.
"Lastly, I can testify to how manipulative, stubborn, and contentious my mom was as I was growing up. One thing that really stood out to me is when people from a ministry started by Bill Gothard would come to Sagemont Church to put on a seminar. The ladies from this ministry would only wear skirts and didn’t agree with wearing the color red, yet my mother and many other secretaries would purposely wear red tops with pants as their way of rebelling against and mocking this group’s Biblical convictions because she thought they were legalistic. She had a very different view of modesty that was not founded on the written Word of God, but upon worldly ambition."
There's a 3 page thread in the cult section...maybe if you posted there.  ??

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