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Draw *blank* Every Day

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So I'm not often one to share my art outside of my tumblr or facebook, but I thought maybe people here might be interested in seeing a few of my artings. 

Back in July of this year I started an art tag on twitter/tumblr. It was #drawweirdaleveryday. Now that tag has evolved into several tags (though the only currently active one is still #drawweirdaleveryday). Here's a few of my favorites over the past few months.

David Bowie


My best friend and her cat


"Weird Al" Yankovic 



A comparison between a drawing (of Weird Al) done in early October and one done in late October



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This was yesterday's #drawweirdaleveryday.  

I'm not gonna share every one here daily, but I figure if I'm fairly proud of it it's probably worth sharing with y'all. 


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I just wanted to update this with a few of my better recent drawings.




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