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Abigail Otwell Update: wearings shorts/tanks only 2 kids so

0 kids n not countin

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The thread about Alyssa Webster wearing pants got me thinking about updating on some of the other fundies who have been topics on FJ. Not sure how many of you remember Abigail Otwell. Her family was fundie and I believe she married super young, had a "honeymoon" baby, and soon after another. As per her Facebook page, she still only has two kids (not sure how long ago she got married but at least 5 or 6 years ago I'm thinking) and she now wears shorts and tank-tops (when she first got married she was skirts/dresses only). Good for her. ;)


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Not sure how I missed this one, but I actually thought of Abigail today and wondered if she had any more kids. Found her Twitter and it was apparent that she and Taylor just had their sixth anniversary and she still has two kids. She has updated her look considerably, she looks more grown up and I love that she's rocking blue fingernail polish not to mention shorts and tank tops. She looked so young when she married, people here asked if she was a child bride. Glad to see she is happy and it looks as if Taylor, who seemed to be on a fundie phase when they married, didn't stay very long in fundiedom. Now they just look to be an average southern Christian couple.

Though wonder how her fundie family (mom wore a frumper to her wedding) is taking this but IIRC her family moved out of the area. Not sure where they live now.

At any rate, good for her!!

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She looked so young when she married, people here asked if she was a child bride.

I'd never heard of this famiy before, but I clicked on their FJ forum because I saw there was a new post. I just looked at her facebook page and she looked extremely young when she was pregnant with her first child! How old was she when she got married?

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Wow she's changed even more, she's hardcore liberal and feminist and science and democrat, hardcore fitness and wears bikinis and crop tops and leggings and really sexy clothes, looks like she's had some plastic surgery, etc.. no judgement on any of it at all she looks great and happy and her kids look like happy normal kids,, her daughter even does dance with the make up and the costumes but light-years away from the 18 just turned 19 year old who got married and looked 13 and wrote a Botkin and SAHD/SAHM, anti hospital, anti vax blog and grew up in a family so fundie her dad found her husband on a courtship website and that was that and her mom wore a frumpy to the wedding. Wow. 

My vote for my unexpected and absolute fundie turnaround hands down.









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